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    After experiencing a very uncomfortable weekend a week before my due date, hubby decided that it was time to call in the in-laws, just in case. They arrived on Labour Day in March, obviously anxious as to when it was going to happen! The next two days I managed to catch up on some much needed housework and last minute shopping, as well as what would be my last Ob appointment pregnant, I had been having no sleep and the Ob prescribed some sleeping tablets - so hubby and I managed to get some much needed rest for 2 nights.

    About 1am Thursday 16th March I was feeling extremely uncomfortable and went to the loo with Braxton Hicks contractions, or early labour pains, about 5am I woke with a stronger period like pain that I timed at lasting about 1min and went until 6am every 5mins. I had a shower, shaved my legs and blow dried my hair trying to not get too excited that I was going to have the baby today, about 7am the contractions were edging closer to 3mins apart, so I called the hospital and asked if I was able to come in to 'get checked out' shortly so I could beat the peak hour traffic, they were happy to see me but due to being VBAC they were under strict instructions that I was to be admitted once labour had started.
    I was still not getting excited that I was in labour, as all my previous labours commenced with membrane rupture.

    After being admitted I was shown to the birth suite and spent about 1 1/2 hours pacing the room with contractions about 3mins apart, my Ob arrived and did an internal, while I sucked on gas, he advised that I may need it as he was attempting to rupture the membranes and put a internal fetal monitor on bubby's head. I was 3cm dilated and had been in labour about 5 hours, with no change in contractions, my waters were ruptured, but there was no gush as bubby's was blocking it all and due to being only 3cm dilated the monitor did not attach.

    It was decided that he would return in a couple of hours to check my progress.......I had dilated to 5cm, but the monitor was showing that the contractions were not strong enough and baby was starting to get distressed, at this stage he mentioned that there would be a 50/50 chance of having a caesar and asked what we thought, I said I would leave it to his professional opinion, just as long as there were no risks taken. He seemed to think I would be still there at midnight, not what anyone wanted. So it was decided that he would put the syntocin drip up to help things along, I did ask for an epidural at this stage, too wimpy to deal with the induced contractions, they are far too ouchy.

    All along during the pregnancy I stressed to the Ob that I did not want a long drawn out labour as my previous ones, so if it was starting to head that way intervention was welcome.

    About 2pm, the baby was still suffering slight distress, but we discovered that this was happening when I was lying on my left side, so over to my right to stay.

    Things were going well for a while, but bubby had started to stress more and more, so the Ob was called back and found I was fully dilated and said then and there this baby is to come out NOW!!! A ventouse was inserted and within 3 pushes Renan James Leo Gleeson was born weighing 3505kg and measuring 54cms.
    Although we had some intervention I managed to have my VBAC and no stitches and that was my aim - Yippee!!!

    Renan is suffering from horrible case of gastric reflux and at 6 weeks today he is on Losec and under a paed at the Royal Childrens in Melbourne, things are improving though.

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    That was great!! Congratulations and well done.

    Sorry to hear hes got gastric reflux and hope it all gets better soon

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    Congratulations =D> WTG at gaving your VBAC and no stitches even with the venthouse!

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    Big congrats on your VBAC! =D>

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    Congratulations on having VBAC! I'm so glad things went well, and no stitches! Good work. Congrats on your little bundle of joy. Hope the reflux is improving.

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    No stitches with a ventouse! Amazing!

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    Congratulations on having your VBAC. I was and still am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your birth story with us.

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