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    Hi All,

    Our first daughter will be 2 in March. Our experience with her birth was wonderful. We managed a drug free labour lasting 10 hours, however she had a temperature when she was born and we had to stay in hospital for a couple of days but other than that, she was perfect and we were lucky.

    In December I was pregnant, again, and overdue, again. The baby was never coming out! I felt uncomfortable and fed up. I'd been using the TEN's for discomfort for a week or so and waking up at all sorts of odd hours.

    At 5 in the morning I was awake. Not comfortable in bed and not comfortable out of bed. The sunrise was spectacular though so I was glad to see it.

    I woke my husband at 5.30 to put the TEN's pads on. He looked a little shocked while asking if I was in labour. Of course not I assure him. I've been in Labour before and this isn't it.

    Or maybe it is. I called delivery suite a 6.45am. No it probably isn't it. But if it is call us back in a couple of hours or just talk to your Ob this afternoon.

    By 7am, well yes this could well be it! We called my parents to come and look after our eldest. She was quite excited to see her Nanni and Boppa when they finally arrived at 7.45! I was under the shower as I just didn't want to face my parents while in Labour. Does anyone else understand that? I'm just not a pretty site and didn't want my Mum to worry.

    We left home at 8 and made it to the hospital at 8.30. We'd left my glasses behind and my darling husband said that he would go back for them. Thanks but no thanks love! He also offered to drop me at the door. However I'm a little stuborn and insisted that I would walk in! I managed to get half way before someone found a wheelchair.

    We made it up to the ward and I virtually ran in to the bathroom. I really needed the loo... what was I thinking. The midwife helped me onto the bed and checked out our baby. The heart rate was a little slow and the baby wasn't moving. I was just a little pre occupied to notice.

    The midwife then checked me out and found that I was fully dilated! Who had that happened. I really needed to push. She broke my waters and and oh boy did I flood the bed. It hurt so much to push and it hurt so much not to. I couldn't stop pushing even she told me to stop that I gave myself a second degree tear. With another amazing gush of fluid our second beautiful daughter was born at 8.50, and she was perfect.

    I didn't want to stay in hospital at all and I was allowed home later that afternoon. It was lovely going home and having both my girls there with me.

    Eight weeks later I still can't believe that our Niccy arrived so very quickly or that she hasn't been in our lives forever. My husband has made me promise that for our next one we're getting in the car as soon as I think that I'm in labour!

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    Wow! Well done, what a wonderful birth!

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    Wow, that is amazing! Congratulations on the birth of your bubby girl!

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    Congrats on the birth - I can't believe you went home the same day! Good for you

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