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Thread: The strangest day of my life!

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    Congratulations Principessa

    I don't check in here very often but am glad I did this morning (even though I'm a few days late ).

    That certainly is an amazing birth story! It makes me a bit nervous about my DH going away to Noumea for 2 weeks- he gets back when I'm 37w!!

    I hope little Aidan is doing really well and you are enjoying every precious moment!

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks everyone for your well wishes and congrats.

    An update, Aidan came home with us on Tuesday (36w3d gestation). He did really well in hosp and is continuing to BF like a little champion. Its so good to have him with us all the time. DH and I are so happy - we can't stop looking at him!

    A few of you have asked questions about whether I would opt for a C/S or go for another VB next time. While its going to be some time before we think about having #2 I have thought about this. At this stage I think I would still schedule a C/S and if I went into labour before that date then I would have a VB. Like I said in my original post I have many reasons why I originally wanted a C/S and those reasons still remain. That's my thoughts at this point, things may change though. I must say I had a brilliant recovery from the VB and that will certainly be a consideration when I have Aidan running around and I'm trying to look after a new bub.

    Peekay - Great to hear from you. I hope you are keeping well. Prior to this happening to me, I wouldn't have hesitated to have my DH go away before 37weeks. Next time around though, he'll be staying close by from 30weeks Premature birth is one of those things that can happen to any of us and is quite common - or so I've now seen while hanging out at the special care nursery at the hosp. For one Mum there, it was her 4th pg and her son was born at 33weeks (all her other pg had gone to term). Apparently they still don't know what causes labour to begin. I'm sure you'll hang in there until your DH is back. I think what happened to me (with the speed of labour etc) was pretty crazy and extremely rare. You'll be just fine. Take it easy!

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