thread: Tess Maisie's Birth - Induced - *long* story

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    Tess Maisie's Birth - Induced - *long* story

    I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic Obstetrician who encouraged me to 'go with the flow' during my pregnancy and for my birth. As I had quite severe pelvic pain during my pregnancy and had broken my tailbone twice (!)during my childhood, we were not too sure how a natural labour would go. Although not really wanting a c-sect, if I had to have one, then that was cool too.

    So, the due date was January 26th and it was a lovely heatwave in Sydney. 42 degrees was not fun to waddle around in and NO sign of bubba. Basically I got to 10 days overdue and was so over it we decided to go for the induction. Now I had read that the gel induction can go either way. You get your waters broken and the labours can be really long, or the labours are lightning quick and very painful. Either way, it was better than being preggie in a heatwave!

    So I checked into Royal Women's Randwick at 8pm Sunday night the 1st Feb. I was to be given the three lots of gel 6 hours apart and Tzirty (Obstetrician) was to arrive at 8.30 the next morning to break my waters. I love a schedule. Hubby went home and was going to come back at 7am.

    Basically I was given two lots of gel and my waters broke naturally after the second lot (hello Niagra Falls !!) and I started to have my contractions so called the hubby around 5am and said, "Babe, it's happening so come on down!" We live about 30 mins away.

    Lovely midwife checked the business end and I was 3cm dilated....fabulous. Was taken down to the birthing suite at 5.30am and then the contractions started full on - only 2 mins apart and I was vomiting and delirious - not fun! Where is my husband?

    I was asked about my birth plan and I said I was happy with whatever was necessary but something for the nausea would be good and I would like an epi if necessary later on. She gave me the anti nausea and a shot of pethedine as the contractions were 3 mins apart and I was told that it was going to be a quick one for me. Hooray!

    Contractions went into the 'transition' phase and I was so delirious and in so much pain I really could not speak. Hubby arrived about 6am and the pethedine hadn't hit and so I buzzed for an epi. I was told that all anethetists were in doing c-sections and unavailable (Hmmm.....they don't tell you this ladies, that sometimes these people are unavailable)....would I be really distressed if I couldn't have an epi? Well having no choice made that decision easy. She checked the business end again and was shocked that not only was I fully dilated...the head was coming. No wonder I was in pain! I asked for gas and she said I needed to breathe as I didnt have long to go and called my obstetrician.

    Basically, I pushed for another hour or so and the head crowned. My Ob walked throug the door at 8.10am as was shocked that not only was he not breaking my waters, but that the bub was there! He donned the gown and at 8.18am Tess Maisie flew out (literally -Mel the Midwife had to catch her!) like a watermelon out of a cannon! No head coming through and then second contraction the rest of her. She flew out all at once, 3 and a half hours after the first contraction.

    Needless to say I was a bit of a mess...3 tears and a tiny horroble heamorrhoid, but thankfully that shot of pethadine FINALLY hit at the right time. Once bub was out and I needed the relief. My only other memory was discussing politics with the staff there whilst being sewn up!

    Poor papa was so overwhelmed he had to sit down and couldn't cut the cord, so I did it which was great. And then... those big blue eyes and a tiny pixie face looking up at me. What a doll. Such a sweetheart even then.

    So basically nothing went to plan, but it all went brilliantly.

    My only advice is to relax and let yourself go with the flow. Be informed and trust the professionals. My two midwifes Fiona and Mel and my Obstetrician were brilliant and made a pretty full on experience bearable and memorable.

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    Awww i loved that story - made me laugh and even brought tears to my eyes - Beautiful! well done u should be so proud!

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    Awesome story!! Made me smile so many times!
    Congratulations! You must be so proud of yourself (and rightfully so!)

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    You did so well


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    Congratulations on Tess's arrival. I laughed out loud when i pictured her shooting out. Glad you were able to bear with it and had a great outcome.