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    Thomas Jacob birth story

    This is the birth story of my now 19 month old son. I love reading it cause it reminds me just how much I love him.

    Monday 17th November 2003 I was put in to hospital at 38 weeks to be
    monitored for high blood pressure.Thursday sent home for complete bed rest until Monday when i was going to be induced. I went swimming instead.
    Saturday night the 22nd I
    started to get contractions at around 6pm (Although i just thought it was really bad back pain). We
    were at a cousin's house having a BBQ
    Watching the rugby world cup final when my contractions were about 10 minuets apart. By 12am on Sunday they were 5 minuets apart so I rang the hospital, they told me to come up and be check out so at 3am we went to the hospital. I was 4cm dilated on arrival so I was taken to the birth suite. They check me again at 9am I hadn’t processed so they broke my waters. The contractions started to come very strong so I choose to have the gas. Something anyone didn’t tell me is that the urge to push is so strong nothing an stop it so when someone tells you don’t push unless their been there they don’t understand my parner told me not to push an if I did he would break my fingers I wasn’t dilated enough I tried my best not too. When I was allowed to push I gave it my damest from when they could see the head 2 more pushes his head was out I had tore a little bit they told me to push harder to get the rest of him out 1 more push an I had my beautiful baby boy out. I had tared even more so I had to have stiches. My partner cried when they placed him on my chest he got to cut the cord, When they had done what they had to do he got to hold him. I have never been so proud of myself. I had giving birth after months of carrying this baby he was finally there. He weighed a healthy 8 pound 4 oz and was 51cm long. He was an easy baby until he developed jaundice on the second day he had a blood test to tell how bad it was. The levels were very high so he was put in the special
    care nursery for 24 hours under the
    lights. I got really upset cause I thought that I might have done something to cause it while I was
    pregnant. That was Tuesday, Wednesday
    he came back to the room. He was still yellow so they took another blood test. It was still high but not high enough to go back under lights. On Thursday the 27th(my real due date) we got to take our baby home. We were so scared but it was all fine.
    I think the only reason they let me go home is cause I was crying so much and promised to come back the next day for another blood test.
    But all was well and his now an healthy happy toddler

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    great story lisa,

    thanks for sharing

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    What a wonderful birth story Lisa!! Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing your story Lisa!

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    Jun 2003

    Thanks for sharing Lisa! Your birth story is very similar to one of my gf's her son had jaundice quite bad too.


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    Melinda Guest

    Thanks for sharing your story Lisa!

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    Thanks for sharing your story with us Lisa.

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    Thanks for sharing your story Lisa and well done!
    Best wishes Michelle