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Thread: The twins - 7yrs ago.

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    Default The twins - 7yrs ago.

    Tahlia and Lakeisha’s birth story ( as told by me)

    The Sunday before their birth I had a bloody show, Chris went to a CFA training day. I went across to Kerens for a clothes party, I was having “discomfort” which was greatly relieved by being on my hands a knees and rocking, Keren noticed and went a bit ape at me for not having said anything, I convinced her that as soon as Chris got home I would ring my midwife I was watched closely by the ladies until Chris arrived. I was 33 weeks. When Chris got home we rang the midwife whom told us to meet her at hospital We took my bags as a precaution. On an internal examination I was found to be fully effaced. We were told to go home, and hang on!!!!
    The next day I met my obstetrician for the first time ( we were in a midwife program) he noted I had been to hospital the night before and again told me to go home, rest and hang on.
    The Tuesday I spent at mums desperately trying to get the last things organized ( I still had a cot quilt to sew) That night I sat and wrapped xmas pressies, whilst Chris but a hole out of the wall for our new AC to go in.

    Wednesday morning, December the 2nd I got up for a wee when Chris left for work at 5 I climbed back onto my beanbag and hoped for a bit more shut eye. About 5.30 I felt the need to get up to the loo again, and as I sat up, whoosh. I was dripping wet. There was no way my bladder could hold that much !!! Here it was. Todays the day. I called Chris on his mobile, and of course it was switched off!!!I proceeded to ring Dawn whom confirmed that I wasn’t having any contractions, and we decided that 8am was a good time to meet at the hospital, as it gave time for Chris to get home. I tried to call Chris work, but no one was there yet. I called my mum, who was at work, and I called my work, to tell Keren and all the girls that it was happening. I called Chris at work again, and this time his boss answered. I asked him to please send Chris home, as I needed him.

    I went and had a shower, and changed my clothes (again) I was saturating everything, even with pads on. The fluid was clear, so not worried. I finished packing bags. Chris came screaming up the driveway at 200k’s an hour, where I proceeded to lecture him on not driving foolishly, or he would get killed. He expected to see me panicing and busting to go. He changed his clothes we took our last photo of the belly, I changed into my last pair of dry pants, put a few towels on the seat and set off.

    When we got to hospital I was only feeling twinges, no real pain. They hooked me up to 2 ctg machines, with a lot of difficulty and maneuvering. The babes were fine, and contractions about 7 mins apart. Mum and my sister turned up. There we proceeded to wait. And wait. By midday, “they” decided I wasn’t moving fast enough and they told me I was about to have the drip put up, coz “they” wanted me delivered before theatre closed for the day ( which I was determined I wasn’t going to need) They sent Chris, Mum and Kristy for a break, before it all started. They went to Macca’s for lunch ( I begged for a junior burger happy meal) The drip was started about 1pm. This is when they then moved me into a delivery suite ( they were waiting for the big one to be free) Everyone got back from Macca’s where Chris had apparently been too nervous to eat, Thankfully I had no such worries ( it was a very yummy happy meal!!)
    I don’t know what time contractions really got happening, but it was long after the drip went up. I couldn’t stand being touched during a contraction, and was happiest on my feet, rocking and singing under my breath, as I looked out over the car park ( the music was the carpenters). Sometime later, my legs got weak, and I lay across a beanbag. In the end they put the bean bag up on the bed, and on all fours I laboured, as it got more intense I used the gas, groaning onto the mouthpiece. I apologized to my mother for doing this to her, and I remember being totally freaked out about pooing the bed. At 3.30-4pm, Dawn did an internal, and told me the babies would probably be born about 6pm. I asked her if she was mad, and told her I was not going to do this for another couple of hours.

    I tried to climb off the bed and go home ( I realized after this was transition) Then there was this stinging ( my mum had been coaching me to ride the pains like a wave, and was holding my right hand. Kristy was holding my left hand and Chris had been rubbing my back for an hour straight, I yelled at him if he paused)Everytime I felt the sting I would suck it in. I continued this until mum said in my ear “ push through the sting, and your baby will be out” The next sting I pushed, and out came Tahlia. She was whisked off to the heater box, and wrapped in towels. They were turning me from my front to my back to check #2’s position. As I turned over I was astounded to see all these people in my room!!! The first thing I said was “He’s got a Pooh tie” this was the paediatrician. I then asked the sex of the baby, “Hang a tick” They unwrapped her and actually looked for the first time. A GIRL….

    I could feel something moving down, and called out to the midwife “its coming” in a whoosh the next waters flooded off the end of the bed. Again I called out “Its coming” I don’t remember where anyone was at this time, I seem to think I was sitting there alone, and everyone was around Tahlia.

    In a great rush, Lakeisha fell out. She landed on the bed in between my legs. I can still recalled the arms flinging out to the side and the totally shocked look on her little face. I didn’t get a chance to touch her, before she too was whisked away to a heater box.

    I called to the midwife again “its coming” to be told, just a minute. Well thump, out fell the placenta onto the bed. The midwife’s response “ you couldn’t have waited for me to get a bowl???”
    The next thing I remember is the paediatrician picking up these two bundles of towels and going to walk out. Someone said how about a photo with mum and Dad first. I have about three photo’s of a stunned me holding to big towel wads, I hadn’t even seen their face, the paed just took them from me and strode off. The midwife left to do some paperwork after telling me to sit still and not move, as they were worried about me haemorraging as the placenta was large. Mum and Kristy kissed me goodbye and left for mum to try get some sleep ( she was exhausted, had been awake all night and day) Chris took off to see the girls.

    I have never felt as sad as I did at that moment. Here I was I should have been happy. I had two little girls. Or did I??? I didn’t have any babies, just me exhausted on a really goopy bed. Next thing you know my IL’s are there, ( luckily I had a sheet to cover up the yucks with) and they are telling me how much MY babies weigh, and how gorgeous they look, and what they are wearing, and how they are lying in the isolette, and I wanted to scream!!!! I was finally allowed up for a shower, and to be honest I couldn’t care less if I saw the babies by then, I was totally detached from it all. They weren’t MY babied, they were everyone elses.

    I did go to see them, but did not ask to hold them or touch them or anything. I just looked. It wasn’t until in the middle of the night, unable to sleep I was in the SCN just staring at them, that a night shift nurse asked if I was going to have a cuddle. My response “ oh am I allowed to touch them??” “Of course they are YOUR babies” I got them out with assistance and held them.

    They stayed in hospital for 3 weeks, and came home on the 23rd December. I expressed and they were gavage fed. I did NOT feel like they were my babies til I took them home. I was not allowed to pick them up for 1 hr after they were fed, as they could be sick, and then they would not put on weight. I could have “skin to skin” time prior to a feed, ( attempt BF) but I must have them back, temp done, nappy changed ready at the appointed time for their tube!!!!

    We had numerous BF issues, but I am stubborn and despite a few cases of mastitis, crack in the nipples, thrush all round, breast refusal, We went to a mother baby unit, and got there.

    Anyway, have just written this and felt like sharing.

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    vanita what an amazing story thanks for sharing. you are a star to naturally birth twins. wow. i can understand you feeling detached and shame on the hospital not including you. i bet it's all worth it now.

    love beckles

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    Wow Vanita. You did an amazing job =D> Being left out the way you were must have been a terrible thing for you to go through. I bet you more than made up for it once you got your hands on them!

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    I can only imagine how awful that must have felt to know you had two amazing little people on this earth that you couldn't have contact with. You are definitley a trooper and an inspiration to many! Thank you for sharing your birth story.


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    Thanks for sharing Vanita! I just wanted to cry when you said your IL's came & told you their weight! How sad! Good on you for persisting with the b/f too! =D>

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