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    Jan 2009
    hiding under my desk!

    Amazing Alan!!!
    it is beautiful that she wasnt to fazed about it! i love it!!!
    i know if i were to have twins i would also stay home for them!!

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    How amazing, I am sure it was a scary experience for the parents while the 2nd one wasn't breathing properly. Well done for staying calm in that situation and for your quick thinking in what to do i.e call the ambo, I am sure it could have turned out differently otherwise. So glad to hear both twins are doing well.

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    That sounds like such an awesome experience!!

    Well done to the Dad and to you

    And Congratulations to them

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    Alan you are such a wonderful midwife, how awesome you could be there for them and let dad catch the babies..... thankyou for sharing!!!
    Kelly xx

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    What a great birth story! Thanks Alan

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    Well Done Alan,

    I think that is the first time I have literally held my breath while reading a Birth Story. What an amazing experience for you.

    COngratulations again on a job well done.

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    Oct 2006
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    That was a fantastic birth story Alan, thanks for sharing!
    And congratulations on a job well done for your first twin home birth!

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    Nov 2005

    A quick update
    I had a phone call from mum today. Both babies are breastfeeding and doingg well. She is hoping to be discharged home with her babies in the next couple of days

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    Wowee.. what an experience! Well done to everyone! My DD came out all blue & swollen from bruising too.. OB said it was due to the fast birth (well.. the last stage was fast lol - not the entire day beforehand!)

    Must say I'm a little surprised that she didn't recognise signs of labour and waters breaking - this being her 6th birth and all

    Wonderful to hear everyone is doing well, and hooray for her breastfeeding too. Good on her

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    Hi Liz
    I think that she did know what was happening but was hoping that she was wrong. She knew that I would tell her go go to the hospital being that she is not yet 35 weeks and she really wanted to birth at home. Oh by the way, her last labour was only 2 hours, the one prior to that was 3 hours this one was less than 1 hour. I think that if she has any more children she will give brth before she goes into labour!!!!

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    Dec 2006
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    lolgive birth before she goes into labour.....I don't think it would matter how many babies I had, I would never give birth that fast!!!!
    Congrats on a job well done, you must have been holding your breath for a while there, nice to hear the bubs are doing so well, did Alan make it into any name???

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    Nov 2005

    Babies names are Caden and Reeve. so Alan did not make it. However they do not yet have a middle name.

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    Apr 2008

    WOw Alan...that is such a fantastic story!!!!! Thankyou for sharing and you never know....Alan could make it as a middle name!!! And if not, I am sure you will always have a special place in their hearts.

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    Jan 2008

    You are an amaing man Alan, thank god there are wonderful people out there like you that are willing to let women birth the way they want! The baby being born flat would have happened at the hospital and they would still have been airlifted to the bigger hospital, but i just bet that mother gets many a look for "risking the life of her babies, by having them at home"!

    What a women, congratulate her for me please!

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    The twins came home late this afternoon. I am going to see then tomorrow morning

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    Aug 2008

    Thats great news Alan.
    I bet ur excited.

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    Aw wow Alan! Well done mama and daddy and well done you!! What a rush eh?

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    Jan 2009

    That is fantastic!! I'm expecting twins too and I only hope that the birth of mine are going to be as easy as this one. I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to go the home birth route, but hats of to this lady.

    Congrats to her and her family and well done you Allan!