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    Hia, I had Talia on the 9/03/08

    I was ten days late and soooo over it. I went to the hospital (Angliss) and was told i was having some contractions (i couldn't feel them) and was given 3 days more until i'd have to be induced.

    I really didn't want to be because i was hoping to have a water birth in the family birth centre and u can't if you are induced.

    the next day my sister arrived from England, a total shock, my mum had flown her out as a surprise. I was so grumpy as we were going to my brothers 30th party that night and i was annoyed that i was still pregnant and couldn't party!

    the party was in full swing and i felt soo tired that at eleven i thought i'd leave my fiance to watch my brother dj and go home.

    i drove home and decided to have a bath, i couln't get comfortable in the bath so i went to bed. my contractions started coming every three mins so i called my mum to pick up my partner and take us to the hospital.

    my good intentions of having a peaceful hypnobirthing flew out the window, i was too panicky no one would come in time that i couldn't relax.

    at about 12.30 my mum and partner were home and we called the hospital and were told to come in.

    my contractions were coming every minute and i was demanding an epidural now-to hell with the waterbirth!

    But at 1 am the midwife told me i was already 8cm dialated so it was too late!
    the calming music was making me angry as the gas made me think i could see the music move and it was really getting to me. It was a love hate relationship with the gas, it made me feel like i was floating in the water and was a slight distraction from the pain but it was such an odd feeling.

    the pain in my legs and arms was soo bad but the contractions were not too bad. Finally i needed to push and Talia was born in the water at 4am perfectly healthy and calm

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    WOO HOO!

    I had my DD there too, wish I waterbirthed the other two...

    Congratulations, welcome to BB!

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    Congratulations! You did a great job! I would have been panicky too.....

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    well done n congrats on your lil one best of luck for the future.

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    Congrats on the birth!

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