thread: Welcome to the world - Addison Heather 7th March 2009

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    Welcome to the world - Addison Heather 7th March 2009

    Given the size of my previous bubs, there is always a concern with shoulder distocia (sp?) so with my agreement, I was booked in for an induction on March 7th - 38w 4d.

    We arrived at the hossy in plenty of time albeit nervous as hell. I'm not sure this time, but I found myself stressing about the labour more than the other 3. I mentally was not ready to go through with it, but know I had to... after all, bub couldn't live there forever now!

    At 7.50am, they ruptured my membranes. O joy.. i forgot the discusting feeling of that. I asked to be left for a bit to see if I would start contracting myself, as I was already 3-4cm. After 45mins, the middy come in and I told her I was getting the odd tightening, but nothing too big.. so in went the drip.

    However from 8.30am - 10am still nothing too exciting. I mean they were there, but after 3 previous kids, I knew they were not strong or long enough to be doing anything.. so up went the drip.

    From 10-11am I was handling things pretty well, they were increasing in pain, but nothing too bad. My photographer was taking lots of pics.. which I wanted. And my DH was being as attentative and helpful as normal.

    I asked for gas around 11am as things were picking up. I referred to that bad boy as my 3rd husband.. to the delight of the middy's.. they thought it was hilarious.

    I had bad heatburn the night before and basically overdosed on milanta.. which of course gives you diarohea! So there I was, on the loo.. sucking that gas like it was my long lost love.. mid massive contraction.. doing a number 2. Not the most pleasant experience of my life. I was stuck in there for a while as every time I went to get up.. it kept coming.

    About 11.30 I moved back into the room and stood at the bed head griping on for life and I had 3 massive contractions on top of each other... the middies then turned the drip all but off.. thank gawd!!

    Between 11.30-12.00 was a bit of a blur of gas and hand signals to those in the room. Mentally, I just didn't want to waste energy talking, so my poor DH copped alot of fist waving, shooshing, and flips of the bird. I have pics of that to proove it.. hehehehehe..

    bout midday I started feeling irrational.. crying.. i can't do this.. this is insane.. i changed my mind.. i knew this meant I was coming to the end as the pain was getting pretty inbearable.. i asked for an epi.. which i didn't want. and knew they wud say it's too late.. but.. i asked just for my own stupid reasons. i've never had one b4.. and never want one.

    they checked me out at midday and i was told i was 8cm.. thank gawd i thought.. i went from 3-4cm to 8cm in 2hrs. Bout 10mins later I felt Addison move down and the urge to push. But I STILL wasn't mentally ready for it.. so I fought the urge for about 4 contractions.

    I then told DH to call the middy and the OB as I thought i was going to push. The first 3-4pushes were half hearted. My DH just looked at me in the eye and with the most loving, supportive but firm voice said.. "i know you can do better.. focus.. focus on the life we are about to have with our 4th beautiful child.. i love you.. you can do it.. focus".

    It was a moment.. I then did what i do best and pushed with all my might. 1 push.. her head was out.. i then yelled at the middy's to get there hands out as it was hurting (they'd already checked for the cord and copped abuse then too). I was told by the middy, OB, DH and our photographer all at the same time that they were doing nothing, it was baby. My beaufitul girl was turning herself... my DH said it was amazing to see that. My photographer called it a "fatty vautin head shake". hmmmm..

    2 more pushes and shoulders out.

    I then watched my most gorgeous moment.. my DH delivered the rest and placed her on my chest...

    Another girl they said... 4 girls now.. my DH said "I'm screwed for life now" with the biggest smile on his face...

    We are totally in love with our gorgeous girl..

    Addison Heather
    10lb 1oz

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    Congrats!!! What a great story!!!

    Luuurve her name!!!

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    What a beautiful story. Welcome to the world Addison!! Good job mummy!

    May little Addison fill your lives with love laughter and happiness always


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    Aw 4 precious little girls....well done...sounds like a great birth.

    All your girls were a great size too

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    So beautiful

    Well done and Congratulations