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    I thought i'd share my birth story of my beautiful boy, Zac
    At about 8pm on 27 Nov I was telling DH that it was ok for him to go out and watch the soccer with his mates despite the fact that i was due to give birth the following day. All through the day i had been really restless and feeling a bit 'flat'. I'd had a show at 4am that morning, but i was aware that it still could be days before labour started. So i sent DH out, telling him that he was only 5mins away if i needed him, i'd call! Anyway, about an hour later i did call him and tell him that i thought something was happening. It wasn't anything regular, but seeing as the hospital was a 40min drive and we needed to get my mum here to look after DS if we did need to go, i decided it was better to be safe and have DH here just in case things sped up.
    He got home, and not long after that we called a close family friend who is a midwife and delivered Evan, and who was willing to go in to work on her day off to support us through labour again and deliver DS2 all being well. We also rang mum to come over to look after Evan. By 11pm mum and Julie (midwife and friend) were here and monitoring my contractions. By this time contractions were getting more regular and stronger, where i needed to rock and stop talking through them. At midnight Julie decided it was time to head in to the hospital. It was a killer drive as the contractions were getting really quite strong and i had 3 on top of each other, and unable to get in a comfortable position.
    Once in a delivery suite, Julie altered the bed so i could kneel and rest my arms and head on a rail through contractions. An hour after getting to the hospital i felt the urge to push. Oh it was the worst pain in the world - i felt like i was splitting in half and like i was going to die LOL!! I'm usually a fairly controlled person but i couldn't help the screams When the head was pushing out Julie and my Ob (Karen) were telling me to stop pushing but to let the baby move down in it's own time. Once i could focus this was the best thing i could do (i was still on my knees). The baby eased its way down and i was focused on some stitching on a blanket, and breathing through the now consistent pain.
    The baby came out after 7 minutes of pushing (an hour after getting to the hospital), and DH declared that we have another SON (to which i replied "i know, i've been telling YOU that for months"). Straight away i turned over, laid on the bed and pulled Zac up on to my naked chest, and Julie covered us with blankets. I didn't have to have any stitches (thank goodness!). The cord stoped pulsating after a minute or so and Nick cut the cord. Zac rooted around on my chest for awhile - i watched in amazement as my new born son was actually finding my breast and self attaching. WOW that was incredable!!! Meanwhile, my placenta was delivered. After that, Julie and Karen left us to it. We already had soft relaxation music playing and the lights were dim. For the following hour it was just the three of us, with Zac happily breastfeeding for the first time and Nick and I in awe of our second son.
    When we were ready we asked Julie back in to sort us out. She and Nick weighed Zac while i had a shower and cleaned myself up etc. I was settled into a fabulous room at 3am. It was a huge double room with private courtyard, ensuite and basin big enough to bath Zac in. Nick left then to go and relieve mum who had to work the next morning. Zac and i had a wonderul sleep
    And so it was that Zac Peter was born at 1.47am 28 November 2007 weighing 3.43kg (7lb, 9oz) with no interventions or drugs after a 3 hour labour
    While it was more intense than i had imagined and bargained for, everything went exactly as i had hoped and even arriving on his due date (like his big brother)
    We've had a wonderful start to his life - he is feeding beautifully, and we are enjoying having him complete our little family. Evan has just been a wonderful big brother and comprehending so much more than i had expected him to. I am still trying to work out how i am going to juggle 2 little men on my own when Nick goes back to work next week, but i'm confident we'll work it all out.
    I can't believe i am lucky enough to have 2 beautiful amazing little boys of my own to raise

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    Congrats LG

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    That's fantastic Linds - another 28/11 baby - just like mine! Zac was born 7 minutes before my little Euan entered the world!!

    Enjoy your two little men and congratulations!

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    Out of my mind. Back in five minutes...


    Congratulations on the safe arrive of your little man. Well done. xo

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    In a house, on a hill with a big fat welcome mat!


    Hi Linds,
    I remember you from our TTC group, congrats on your adorable son and thank you for sharing your story.

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