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    Zahra's Birth

    Zahra's estimated due date was Tuesday 9th August 2005 but due to my gestational diabetes becoming unstable and some abnormal blood results, I was booked for induction on Wednesday 27th July 2005.

    I arrived at the hospital at 8am that morning, but had to wait for two hours as the midwives had just delivered another baby.

    I was taken to the birth suite at just after 10am and changed into a hospital gown. My obstetrician came and examined me - a stretchy 4cm (so those pains in the past few weeks weren't for nothing!), my waters were broken and drip inserted.

    It took a good hour for things to start - it was the same as I had been experiencing over the past month for quite a while so I walked up and down the maternity ward with my trusty IV stand and waited for something significant to happen. Well, when it did start, it well and truly started!!

    I had already decided that I would have an epidural as soon as I was allowed as it had made my son's birth almost a pleasure compared to my first daughter, and it also made my dilation happen really quickly. The anaethetist was called and the epidural inserted. Not long after it was inserted, I started feeling nauseous and was getting pain in my rectum and commented to the midwife that I thought I might be fully dilated and ready to push. She pretty much dismissed it and said I wouldn't be fully dilated yet.

    Now, all this time I was really really anxious - the CTG had been put on and with each contraction, Zahra's heartrate went down to 70bpm (or so) but after the contraction, it would go back to normal (around 140bpm). I was so worried that I was crying about it but was told it was normal and her head was being compressed during the contraction.

    The pushing urge was becoming unbearable – I begged the midwife to examine me but was told that I should just breathe through the contraction. After each contraction I asked to be examined and finally she relented. I think she was quite shocked to find that Zahra’s head was 1 knuckle deep from crowing!! I was allowed to move into a pushing position (I had been on my side as she had turned posterior and they were trying to get her to turn anterior) and after 3 big pushes, my darling daughter was born.

    I cut the cord – my last baby and I wanted to do it this time as DH had cut it for my other two children. She had a few little cries and then just laid there and looked around the room!!

    So, at 3.37pm on Wednesday 27th July 2005, Zahra Mackenzie was born weighing 3280g (7lb 4oz), measuring 49cm in length and 35cm head circumference. She has a “Flame Naevis” on her forehead (stork mark) and over her right eyelid, which is expected to fade over the next twelve months or so. Funnily, after being told not to push by the midwife, the paediatrician asked me if there had been a problem with pushing as it probably caused the naevis!! I also wonder if the compression her head was enduring that caused her heartrate to drop with each contraction contributed also.

    Something else that happened for me that was quite wonderful, was that I was to provide a medical student with his “first catch”!! Funnily, after being so worried before that birth that my obstetrician would not be there for the delivery due to political problems he was having with the hospital, I was more than happy (and even made it happen!) that he wasn’t there for the actual delivery and for the medical student to deliver my baby! (They called the ob as Zahra was 1 push away from crowning and so I was determined to push her out before he got there so the med student could do the delivery himself!!). The student had the biggest grin on his face – and it was still there the next day when he came to see us!! I hope that my allowing him to be there for the birth will influence him to come and work in the bush when he is a fully fledged doctor! Thanks Joel!!

    My little princess was on intravenous dextrose for 48 hours after her birth as her blood sugars were too low.

    She is a darling little girl – very placid and already smiling! We love her to bits and wonder how we ever thought that two children would be enough!!

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    Melinda Guest

    What a great story Kelli!

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    Kel thats a great birth story...thanks for sharing. Gorgeousy worgeousy little kiddies.


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    Melody Guest

    Mmmmmm..... Kel I am feeling all dreamy now. That was beautiful & the highlight of my day

    ps. did i mention what beautiful children you have?

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    Great story Kelli! Nice of the midwife to take some notice of you finally.
    She's gorgeous, congratulations =D>

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    Thank you for sharing Kelli!! Not very often that you can claim your child was the first one delivered by someone!

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    katanya Guest

    wow Kelli great story, sounds like you made the Med students day (and career path!)

    Your induction story was so similar to mine, excpet your dialted happend so much faster! Felix had stork marks too betwen is eyes and back on the neck, they have pretty much gone excpt show up when he is angry

    Congrats on birthing your beautiful girl!

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Aww Kelly that was a lovely birth story.

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    Kelli, that's an awesome story, good on you for getting the young doc to help out! And bugger that the midwife didn't believe you about dilation! Sounds like a great labour! I hope your bundles of joy bring you heaps and heaps of love and enjoyment!

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    Beautiful Adelaide!

    WELL DONE KEL! She is adorable!

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    Great story Kelli and your kids are gorgeous! What a good thing to do letting the student deliver Zahra.

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    Well done Kel I bet you made Joel's day by letting him be there!

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    Wow, great story Kelli!!

    It reminds me of my own induction/epidural birth story, where the midwife didnt check my dilation for hours, and when she did she realised I was 10cm and ready to go! I wonder why they don't listen? Seeing as we're the ones in labour wouldnt we have the best idea of how we are feeling?...

    And thats amazing that you were able to give the med student his first 'catch'!

    Congrats and well done Kel =D>

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    Well done, Kelli! What a fantastic birth story!

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    What a wonderful birth story. Thanks for sharing it with us Kelli.

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    Good ole NZ !!

    Thank you for sharing your birth story Kelli...

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    What a wonderful birth story Kelli, and that med student will never forget you and Zahra. How special for him!

    All my children have had stork marks but on the back of the neck. They eventually fade and go away though.

    Cheers michelle

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    Thank you all for your lovely words about my birth experience!

    Cairenn had stork marks also - over her right eyelid, top of nose and back of neck and they have largely faded (she is 3.5 years old).

    Zahra's marks are very prominent and forms a V shape from the top of her nose to her hairline. It is dark red to purple coloured and an old lady at the shops the other day commented "Oh! V for Victory" lol!!

    She also has a mark over her right eyelid and on the tip of her nose!!

    Hopefully they will fade!!