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Thread: High BP & no foetul movements

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    Unhappy High BP & no foetul movements

    Just went to the dr for my 38 week check-up, and I was telling him that I've had little or no movements for about 1-2 weeks now. Bubs heartbeat was good (around 155bpm) but I have to do a foetul movement chart and go back next Tuesday. I'm lucky to get one movement a day, and that's normally bub stretching. I've tried eating/drinking cold, sweet stuff and laying down, having a relaxing bath/shower.
    While there he checked my BP and it is 120/90. I know this isn't very high, but I'm normally around 100/70 or lower. He said he is a little concerned that it's risen like that, and I've got to keep an eye on it. We have a BP monitor at home so I can check on it. He said that if it increases I'll have to go straight up to the hospital, and they'll probably induce me
    I don't know anything about this, I have been reading about pre-eclamsia, but didn't think at this late stage that I'd get it. Is it common for your BP to increase now, and is it common for bubs movements to non-existent?


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    I know it's not uncommon to develop pre e at the very end of a pregnancy so definitely keep an eye on that and watch out for any swelling in your face and hands (another red flag).
    As far as the movements go - it's normal for them to slow down alot in the last couple of weeks because they just don't have the room any more. I remember I only felt stretching/squirming type movements at the end of my last pregnancy. But if you're still really worried listen to your gut and go to the hospital. They can pop you on a monitor and make sure baby isn't stressing, but her heartrate sounds fine.

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    It's sounds like your doc is on top of things and is keeping a close eye on you which is great, so don't stress! And you know, even if they do induce you now you are 38w and I believe that's classed as full term?? Bub will be fine.

    My BP shot up at 37w to 142/102 and wasn't helped much by meds. I didn't have any protein in my urine though so it wasn't PE. I was admitted to hospital at 37w4d and had a scan done which showed that Kynan was hardly moving and not practising his breathing like he should have been so I was induced the next day. Everything went smoothly and he arrived safe and healthy.

    It can be scary and daunting to have stuff like this happen suddenly but it sounds like you are in good hands and hopefully your BP will stay down! Bub's movements may have naturally slowed down due to her having less room to wriggle around in too. Like Flea said though, if it concerns you get it checked out.

    All the best & try and have a relaxing weekend!

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    Jodi, my bp went up in the last few weeks too. It wasn't that high but as I'm usually low my ob did a blood test for pe just in case. It was fine. I think bp rising in the last few weeks is very normal. So are fewer foetal movements as the others have said, due to less room. As long as you are being monitored I wouldn't worry.

    Good luck,

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