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Thread: High BP - prior to preg

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    I had high bp prior to becoming preg in which I was on medication. At my last OB app my blood pressure had risen so he said to take 3 tablets a day instead of 2. I should have asked him but didn't think about at the time, but can anyone tell what might happen if at my next app my bp is still high or worse risen? I really don't want to be on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy (that would be 18-20 wks). Obliviously I will do whatever it takes but I was hoping someone has had a similar experience.

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    I too had high BP and was on medication before falling pregnant. At this point I can't tell you what might happen as I am only about 6 weeks. My BP has lowered significantly (due to early pregnancny hormones) so have come off all meds (was on 3) so that I have something to fall back on when it rises again. I did have preg BP and pre-eclampsia with last 2 pgs and I did have bedrest and meds for most of last trimester in both. My suggestion would be, slow down, rest as much as possible to avoid strict bed rest. Avoid all the things that increase BP, this will be my plan. I have spoken with GP about what will happen and basically I need to be sensible, and I too want to avoid total bedrest. Not sure I can be that much help just now but hope you are doing OK. Talk to your doctor. Good Luck

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