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    I am looking for anyone that had pre-eclampsia and if they had it with there other pregnancies.
    I have just found out i am pregnant again and the doctor said i am likely to get pre-eclampsia again this time but he thinks not as bad. I am worried as i have a 20 month old to look after this time but idonlt have the stress of my IL's liek i did last time.

    I would love to hear from anyone that has has it and how bad it was the second time or anytime.

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    Hi Michelle.

    I got it with Kameron, but never had it all with Lachlan, just a touch of swelling but nothing drastic. I did read that only so many percent of pregnancies will develop pre eclampsia again.

    Love :hbeat:

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    I also developed pre eclampsia at the end of my first pregnancy but this time I am 38 weeks and there are no signs of it. There really is no way of knowing for sure if it will happen again, you just need to keep a close eye out for any symptoms. I have a 20 month old too and the midwife told me today that the little bit of extra activity I get by looking after an energetic toddler may actually have helped in a small way to keep my BP down. I don't know if she's right but I am happy that everything is normal!
    It's really a case of wait and see, and hopefully everything will be fine for you.


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    Yes, I had it with Sean, but I believe that it is unusual to have it with a subsequent pg by the same father! 8-[
    I didn't have it with Kate.

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    May 2004

    I had it with Jack and are also worried about having it again. (Apparently my grandmother had it with my mother) I asked my Doc about it recently and he said "No definate way of knowing, but, if you have had it the first time there is an increased risk of having it the second time" he then went on to say that if you didn't have it with your first child, then it's unlikely you will have it with a second if this make ssense.

    I think it all depends on who you talk to. Some of the midwives at the hospital said I wouldn't ever get it again, but some said I might!

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    I developed pre-eclampsia with my Daughter and only have 5 weeks left of this pg. So far there is no sign of pre-eclampsia but the Doctor is keeping a close eye on everything and this time round they have had me on BP medicne from the beginning. One mid-wife said to drink lots of water it helps flush out the your system.