thread: Your experience with Pre-Eclampsia

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    Jun 2003

    Your experience with Pre-Eclampsia

    Lately in another thread I have noticed there have been a few people sharing their labour stories with Pre-Eclampsia so I thought it would be great to get people sharing in here too!

    So if you have ever experienced Pre-Eclampsia during your pregnancy and would like to do share your story, please do so here.



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    Mar 2004


    My experience with Pre-Eclampsia began at about 36 weeks with Harry. I was due Jan 24th and I started feeling a bit off over christmas and I started getting a lot of swelling from fluid retention. I went to my checkup after boxing day and the doc noticed my BP was up so I did a urine test which showed protein. I then had a blood test but the results came back fine so doc told me to rest and come back straight away if I started getting headaches and seeing stars. A few days later I went up to labour ward to get BP checked again and this time they admitted me. I knew then that I wouldn't be going home until I had had the baby. I stayed on maternity ward and did a 24 hour urine test after which they told me that I would need to be induced. I was not surprised but I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't get to go into labour naturally. By this time I was 38 weeks so I was considered full term. After several doses of the gel I had my waters broken and the drip put in. I was then told that it was advisable to get an epidural as the stress on my body from the pain of contractions was likely to send my BP up and I needed to be as relaxed as possible. So I had that and also a catheter as Pre-E affects your kidneys and they wanted to monitor my urine output. I also ended up getting a second drip with BP medication as it was continuing to rise. So I had 2 drips, a catheter, the epidural in my back and the heart monitor attached to Harry's head. After 8 hours of labour Harry was born and luckily I was able to push him out without needing forceps. He was fine, 7lb 9oz, but I ended up losing 800mls of blood. Needless to say, by the end of it I felt a bit worse for wear!

    I hoping I won't have the same experience this time as I would really like to go into labour naturally but if I start developing symptoms again I am ready for the possibility of being induced.


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    May 2004

    Ok lets see if i remember. EDD 04/03/2003

    Weeks pg 33.4.

    I had swollen hands and legs/feet from the November. Did not have anything else wrong BP was fine and protien in my urine was alright also.
    But in the January after a nice Christmas break from work. I woke one morning and i really did not want to go to work still had two weeks left till i took my leave.
    16/01/03 Went to my doctors and all i could do is :smt022 he took my BP and aid it was up and also took a sample of urine . I asked him to sign me of work i just could not cope with going in. After i stopped crying he did my BP again and was still up. He let me go home and said he will see me again the next day to see if everything was alright and my BP had gone down.
    Went back the next day and everything was still high and found a problem with my urine again i went home. Well shopping, then my DH phoned can i go back to the doctors so i went back and waited to see him. He come out with this look on his face he said don't be alarmed but can you go to the hospital they just want to monitor you to see how things are.
    So of i went thinking i would be there a few hours told DH not to bother coming up till i phoned. So i laid on this bed for ages have all the same tests that the doctor done. By tea time they said i was not going home have to stay in and as it was a Friday i would most likly not going home till Monday. So i was stuck there till then. BP come down and the urine was alright so Monday morning home i went had a midwife coming in every two days to check me out. But i was only home 7 days and then i was back again. This time i had to fill a bottle of urine for 24hrs so they could check it for how much protien it so i had to carry a bottle and a jug around with me. As i was not filling it quick i was told to drink more water. BP was still up but not to high. After three days so lying in bed and not doing anything i was allowed home. 29/01/2003
    When i got home my dog eat my shoes so i could not go out the only pair i could get my swollen feet into i think she tought if she could eat them i would stay home. But she was wrong by the Friday 31/01/2003 i was so ill i had a headache that i could not get rid of. Tried to sleep that night and could not my head hurt soooo much. Took some paracetimol to see if that would help but just started vomiting after i took them.
    By this time it was 1.30 am woke DH and phoned the hospital as i had to if i got ill. So off we went in the snow when we got there thought they would just do the same tests as they had done before. So i sent him home but by 6 am they said can he come back as i had ++++4 protien in my wee and that was a bad sign that i was going down fast and they wanted to take the baby out before 8. Kimberley was also still breached.

    So she was delived by c-section at 35.4 weeks 01/02/03

    The hardest part of all this is that i was told they would save me and not the baby if i got to ill as they said you can also go on and have another but if they lost me and saved the baby it would not have a mother.

    Gosh that was long. Not sure if i missed anything.

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    May 2004

    Ok here goes.....

    Jack was due in April. I had already had a host of other problems so I was already signed off work since the 1st October.

    At my January appt, my bp was up, not a huge deal, and there was a trace of protein in my urine. I was ordered to take it easy and to go again in a fortnight. The next appt still the same, but no major cause for concern, so again another appt in 2 wks.

    The next appt in Feb (around the 12th as I was walking all day at the alternative farming expo...oops!!...) my hands and feet were very swollen, my bp was way up and there was a + of protein in my urine. From that day on I had to see the Dr once a week and also check my urine and bp twice a day, at home. It was at this time that they threatened to put me in hospital if it got any worse. By the time my next appt arrived, I knew I was in trouble as the protein levels had jumped to 2 plus's, I can't remember what my bp was like at that stage. They put me on that baby monitor thing to chq that all was ok and then gave me a cut off point for my bp to be that night. All seemed to stay the same until March, when I had to frantically ring the drs as my bp was very high, but more importantly I had 3 + 's. I was admitted to hospital within the hour, where they did the baby moniter test, bp (every few hours) and urine tests. 2 days later, everything was stable enough for me to go home. then the very same night when I checked everything, it all was haywire again, so back into hospital I went (less than 6 hours at home!)

    The protein in my urine stayed high until I had Jack (I also had to be induced ) My bp was a concern to all as it went up and up, then right back down again. It seemed to really vary with what bp thingy they used-if they used the unit thing it would give a higher reading, than the normal hand one. It seemed to have a mind of it's own!

    Hopefully it won't happen again, but there is no guarentee.


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    my pre-eclampsia story is short and sweet. I went in for my usual checkup at 37wks and 4 days. My blood pressure was high and the ob said to me have you had any swelling. So I said come to think of it I haven't been able to get my wedding ring off lately.

    She admitted me straight away for observation. I had to do a urine sample and that is when they found out i had to protein in my urine and I was told I had pre-eclampsia. So my 4hr observation turned into 7 hrs. My ob came back and said I was going to be induced the next night at 7pm. I could either stay overnight or go home, and come back. I opted to go home.

    So i was induced at 7pm the next day at 37wks and 5 days, and Kameron was born after a 3hr 20min labour the following day at 37wks and 6 days.

    Love :smt049