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Thread: Advice on relactation - Please help

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    How does one go about relactation?

    A bit of history

    My milk hasn't completely dried up and it's only been about a week and a half since I last fully breastfeed.
    In the last 10 days I was expressing milk for every feed and bottle feeding due to ongoing attachment issues but after a couple of extremely tiring nights I didn't express for about 12 hours and used formula instead. Now I can only express about 20ml.
    I wasn't going to worry about it, but every day I feel so upset that I cant BF and want to try again.
    I started taking fenugreek today and started expressing (manual hand pump) every 3 hours.

    Is there anything else I can do? Should I be attempting to get baby to suckle as well as expressing, and how long should I be expressing for?Does anyone know any success stories?
    I know there are a few midwives that post on the forums - Any advice???
    Please help


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    clare i am sorry you are having a tough time at the moment. yes women do successfully re-lactate and considering it has only been around 10 days you are more likely to be successful.

    my suggestions are
    to take the fenagreek but also blessed thistle 2x 3 times a day.
    to offer your baby the breast often and before any other feeds, if baby is not keen it often is successful at night when they are sleepy.
    keep expressing, try having your baby with you look at baby this will help with a let down. try warm washers on your breast prior to expressing. try and relax.
    maxalon has a side effect of increasing milk supply perhaps you could see your dr re a script (try to find one that is pro breastfeeding) you can take these with fenagreek and blessed thistle.
    rest as much as possible
    drink plenty of water.
    you might find it helpful to contact an Australian Breastfeeding counsellor.

    HTH and good luck keep me posted.
    love beckles

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    Lisa, that is just so wonderful that you got your VBAC. Kobi is such a pretty name! Can't wait to see pics.

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