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Thread: Aldomet for HPB in breastmilk

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    Default Aldomet for HPB in breastmilk

    Hi, I have been put on Aldomet for high blood pressure, apparently it is safe whilst breastfeeding as it's the drug given to pregnant women with high blood pressure. I have just started taking it this morning and was wondering if any other mums are on it and what was bubs reaction to the breastmilk as the drug does pass through to it. I would hate to give up feeding as I have heaps of milk and my baby was low birth weight so he needs all he can get. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

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    Sorry, I haven't got an answer for you but if you call "mothersafe" they can give you the most up to date on information about medications while breastfeeding.
    I will try & track down the number for you give me a sec.......

    1800 647 848 or 02 9382 6539


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