thread: Breastfeeding and a night out

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    Breastfeeding and a night out

    Just wanting some advice on alcohol and breastfeeding. Thought you very experienced girls on BB could help me out.

    My DS is nearly 8 months old and in a couple of weeks I have my sports presentation dinner. In my pre baby days this meant a big night with lots of dancing and drinking! Now I have bub it's obviously going to be a not so big night but was thinking of having a few drinks as I haven't had any since before I was preg with him. I'm sure I won't be able to have heaps anyway as I don't want to embarrass myself lol by I'm just trying to get my head around the alcohol in my supply timings etc.

    If I was to have a few more than 2 drinks - I found a table that tells me how long alcohol would take to get out of my blood/milk so that is good to have on hand, but I also read that pumping and dumping does not get rid of it quicker. But to def pump if u miss a feed cuz of being out etc to avoid issues there. What I want to know is do I need to dump that milk if it has been a insufficient time for alcohol to leave milk or will it continue to de-alcoholize(?? for a better word) after its been pumped?

    I have no idea if that makes sense or if it will even be relevant us I may get to the dinner and not drink anything. I just want to have all my information so I can make an informed decision for the night. EBM is not a problem as I have plenty - I just want to make sure I do the right thing

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    There's general info on the ABA site - in case you haven't found that already.

    So, yes, if you pump within that timeframe there will be a tiny amount of alcohol in your milk - the alcohol will dissipate in your body, but not once expressed.

    Hope you have a good night!

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    Breastfeeding and a night out

    Just a word of warning- you will find that you get drunk more quickly , so just take it easier than you probably used to. Oh, and the hangovers when bfing are especially nasty. Other than that, have a great night!
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    About one unit per hour to disappear from breastmilk - so 2-3 glasses of wine (which will probably be around your limit now!), you'll have alcohol in your milk for about 6 hours.

    At around 8m, "pump and dump" isn't always needed - I found after around the 5m mark it didn't matter if I missed a usual feed time on a one-off, it didn't harm my supply. I would suggest maybe a feed before you go out, even if it isn't a usual time, then enjoy the night and feed as normal the next day.

    Enjoy the night!