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    Breastfeeding twins

    Don't know whether to put this under breastfeeding or twins, but mod will move it if necessary.

    I'd like to start a breastfeeding discussion specifically about multiples, cos feeding twins is my life now for a while, & I want the benefit of others' experience.

    Lauren was too sleepy to suck at the breast from birth until 2 weeks, so was fed ebm with a syringe then a bottle. She would latch on fine, but then just doze off. She's feeding fine now. Asha has always been feeding fine.

    I haven't tried feeding them both together yet, but am planning to. Also planning to get a fancy twins feeding pillow. There's the taddy one from ABA ($90) but there's others too. It's a big investment so I want to choose the right one.

    Has anyone else breastfed twins? (I know you have Vanita).

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    Nov 2004

    Hi yvette,

    i used the ezy to feed pillow but found it a bit awkward as my kids were different sizes. The taddy apparently is far better and easier to use. Have you tried your local Mulitple birth Association to see if anyone is selling on second hand. They are usually heaps cheaper. If you are interested, I get the newsletters from all around Australia as i do research for my local club. I can try and keep my eyes out for one near you. Just let me know.

    Feeding them together is such a time saver. From day one i made sure the my two did everything at the same time. it at least gave me some time to catch my breath. If one woke for a feed, then I woke the other. it worked really well.

    I mainly expressed in the end as my twins were so small and weight was such a big issue. That way i ensured that they always go enough. I also found that freezing any excess EBM that you can is also a godsend for when the want a little extra and your supply hasn't caught up. The best thing i found to freeze it is was urine speciman bottles-lolol as the hold just over 100mls which is a perfect size. I also found that an electric pump was a godsend - which you can hire through the nursing mothers assoc. or some multiple birth groups hire cheaply as well. heaps cheaper than the chemists.

    Good luck and if you have any other questions -just holla!!

    p.s don't you just feel like mooing sometimes -lololol
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    Feb 2004

    Can I suggest trying ebay, Yvette?

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    Oct 2004
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    Yvette, I am glad that you have rasied this topic, as it is something that I was hoping to find out a lot more about too. I hope to breast feed both of mine together, just so as I can save time. Any advice that you or any of the other girls have will be greatfully received.

    BTW I found out the sex of the babies. We are having one of each.

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    Feb 2004

    I am moving this topic to Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding and Solids forum as I believe that you will get a greater response there.