thread: breastmilk and antibiotics

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    Mar 2004

    breastmilk and antibiotics

    I've just started a course of antibiotics and I forgot to ask if its ok to breastfeed while I'm taking them. The Dr knows that I have a baby and that he is breastfed so I'm hoping that she took that into account when prescibing. Does anyone here know if its OK or should I pump and dump. I geuss I can ask the pharmicist later but it would be nice to have an answer earlier.

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    Oct 2003
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    I had ab's when Matilda was only 10 days old and bf'ing and they did make her stomach a bit sore, but then again she had reflux so its hard to know... :-k Oh!! Thats right, she did have awful wind too.

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    Oct 2004
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    Most medications are fine to take while breastfeeding. AB's are likely to give bub extra runny poos and maybe some nappy rash and wind. Watch out for thrush while on them.
    To be extra safe call Mothersafe on 1800 647 848, they have the most upto date information on medications that are safe or not safe to take during pregnancy and lactation.

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    Mar 2005


    Most are safe hon,but if your worried, ring pharmacy and ask the chemist, they'll look up a book and tell you over the phone. God luck darl.xx