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Thread: Burping & Falling Asleep at the Boob

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    Default Burping & Falling Asleep at the Boob


    Not sure if this should go in the sleeping section or not...but how bad is it for baby to fall asleep at the boob and then for you to sneak them into their cot and hope they don't wake up. This is what I have been doing during the night-time feeds. Am I setting myself up for bad sleeping patterns for Rylee where she can't settle herself or go to sleep without being fed - she is two weeks old - I know still tiny but...

    The second thing Rylee has fallen asleep I don't end up burping her - is this bad??? Even when she is awake after feeding it is hard to get a burp out of her - is burping a must-do?

    Thank you

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    During the night feeds I always let Tori feed until she falls asleep and then put her back into her bassinet, during the day she is able to self settle in her cot, so for me it hasnt set up any bad habits.
    I also think that 2 weeks is a bit young for bad habits like that to start forming, I think it isnt untill between 3-6 months before they learn habits like these!

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    I too let DH fall asleep at the boob at night time, then sneak her into her cot. Just like ali25, I encourage her to fall asleep on her own during the day. Lately at night, she's still awake, very sleepy though, and I put her in the cot and she eventually goes to sleep.

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    Default is TOTALLY OK! With both Olivia and Charlie their night feeds were always completed by falling asleep on the boob and then I popped them back into their hammocks........often a sleepy night feed is when they are so relaxed that they don't gulp as much so they don't NEED a burp......(Rylee will no boubt let you know if she NEEDS a burp, as she'll struggle to settle and cry most likely, if she has trapped wind...)

    At 2 weeks, I figure just do whatever works to get them fed and get them asleep again, so that YOU can rest as much as possible bad habits can be caused at such a tiny age.......

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