thread: Dairy and Grain Intolerance

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    Dairy and Grain Intolerance

    My 12 month old son has just been diagnosed as Dairy and Grain intolerant. He has been put on a no dairy diet (no milk, cheese, cream, icecream, yoghurt etc etc) and is now drinking goat's milk (blerghhh!).

    I also have to limit the amount of bread, rice, pasta that I feed him which means he is basically only eating weetbix (does ok on this), veges (which he hates!) meat and fruit.

    Is there anyone else out there that has a similar experience? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    mooshie Guest

    hi kelli

    my son was allergic to dairy, nut, egg, dust, grass, feathers, cat and dog fur anything else, hmm can't remember. he is nearly 5 and is no longer allergic to dairy or egg but still the others.

    basically on the dairy thing is allergy was low - have you had the skin ***** tests done. anyway he was found to be ok with soy so he drank and still drinks soy milk (i am not going to take it from him as he likes it and it is another food which should be good for him) i also used to give him soy yoghurts, custards etc although from about the age of 2 he was ok with them. i also read labels carefully - cause of the nut allergy in particular but if dairy was up the top of the list as a main ingrediant i tended to avoid it, a diet of vegies (i know my son still hates them) and fruit are fine. my son is thriving even on the little he does eat seems to run on air lol.

    don't know if this helps but hopefully you both will get used to it, i think it really is just educating yourself to read labels a bit and getting used to what has the ingrediants that he cannot have - you can also ring the companies and ask if you are not sure

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    Oh Kel, what a pain! Poor little were these intolerances picked up?

    I am sorry, but I have no experience in any of these intolerances, apart from me adn Tom (my little brother) were both on goats milk from an early age due to excema and restricted dairy for the same reason.....

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    Thanks for your replies guys!

    His intolerances were picked up by a naturopath following numerous doctors consults with conjunctvitis and early waking.

    He has to steer clear of anything that is mucous producing (like dairy) and his digestive system is not coping with grains. He seems to tolerate weetbix but then again, I would have no idea as to what to give him if it didn't!! He won't eat bread and he is getting mad mad mad from eating fruit (to the point where he is flatly refusing it!!).

    I have been giving him soy yoghurt but have been told to go easy on soy as he may be sensitive to that too.

    The naturopath has now put him on acidophilus powder (inner health) to see if this helps.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi once again kelli

    have you considered getting a referal to an allergy specialist for children to get an allergy or skin ***** test done. i have never been to a natrupath (ah sp?) before so i really don't know what they do. i only suggest this as my son was a shocking sleeper when a baby i knew he had pain but could not get rid of it - tried everything nothing worked so he basically put up with it until when he was around 9mths old he devloped a strange cough took him to the gp were they diagnosed asthma - i asked what he would be allergic to they said nothing just it runs in the family - my mum is asthmatic and i get slight exma (again sp lol) and jay got exma aswell only slight - so i get $100 worth of asthma medication and it made no differnece, this is when i rang a childrens allergy clinic and all the mysteries were solved, from the time i changed his diet he was a completly different little boy.

    another thing a friend of mine had an allergy test thing done at a natrropath (a prong like tool was place in his nappy) she was given an amazing list of everything he was allergic to - basically everything you could think of and it turned out it was all a crock he was fine.

    sorry i don't want to sound negative but before dramatically changing diet to much especially the dairy side - as the need for calcium etc maybe look a bit futher into it - sorry that sounds bossy but i really don't mean it i just can't put it another way iykwim - bad night last night awaky from 2am to 7am - going for my nanna nap NOW.

    see ya

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    No, I don't think you are being negative at all!!

    I have just pretty much had enough of conventional medicine saying "well, I don't know what is wrong, here, have some more antibiotics".

    The thing is, Liam has had a "yucky" eye since he was born - it comes and goes. I noticed that it seems to appear when DH and Cairenn are sneezing away with hayfever. I have had countless consults about it with chn, and doctors and they all say "he will grow out of it" or give him antibiotics, which does not clear it up. Essentially, the last doctor that I saw told me that it is happening when he has excess mucous and it travels up his sinuses into his eyes and becomes infected, hence the conjunctivitis. This explains why it happens when the other sneezepots here get hayfever!!

    It has gotten worse since I stopped breastfeeding (at 6 months) and put him on formula. He also gets nappy rash every now and then - where he is fine for 1 nappy change then the next, without any warning (except smell!) his bum is red raw, bleeding and weeping, so we have had an idea from way back that cow's milk might be causing a problem. His poos are always explosive and often smell like acid. Not at all like his sister's were, and since putting him on the goat's milk, we have actually had a few "normal" poos!!

    So, at this stage, I will keep giving him goat's milk (which has all the same calcium as cow's milk) and give him the soy yoghurt and things like that. I tried him on rice milk yesterday and I was rewarded with a night of crying, bellyaches and farts (from Liam - not me!!) which is exactly the reaction he had to farex and other grainy stuff (like multigrain bread).

    Oh - and the naturopath didn't do an allergy test like you mentioned - he is also trained in iridology and looked in his eyes which can show health problems. I tend to believe this diagnosis as I have had a similar consult many years ago that told me that I had impaired glucose tolerance and was told to take Chromium tablets - something I did not remember until I was diagnosed gestational diabetic and my blood chromium level hardly registered (which is an indicator of insulin resistance).

    Thanks again for your help - I will plod on for a few more weeks and if nothing changes, I will get him to see an allergy specialist.

    Thanks again

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    mooshie Guest

    wow kelli

    that is so intesting about liams eye - jay had a terrible eye for the first six months of his life - i just figured i was being a bad mum and not cleaning it properly, i remember being at my ob/gyn for my 6wk check up with him, a few other new mums were there holding there bubs proudly i was to embarrsed as jay looked like he had done 10 rounds with mike tyson lol - btw he has turned out to be a good looking boy now - imo lol.

    good luck with the allergy stuff - it is a pain in the butt, but i notice alot more shops are catering for people with allergies etc there seems to be more variety.

    see ya