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Thread: dreading breast feeding and a inverted nipple

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    Awe fanks girls.. i love belly belly i wouldnt know what to do without all of you!!! xxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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    I so know how you are feeling hun, I have large nipples, and a little flat.
    With my children, I had all hell troule feeding them, the best feeder i have was actually the one that the ECN thought would never feed, he was severely tongue tied, but I used a tommie tippee sheild as it was super thin all over, it let my nipple "slide" back enough to feed him. He fed for 16 months. With my other children though, it was so painful, i was in tears at each feed. My nipples got ragged, bled and also had blisters on them. I persisted as long as I could, but with my first, he self weened . My last son was the worst by far. He also suffered reflux, and due to it burning him, he wanted to comfort suck all the time. He also had such a savage suck due to his pain. I ended up giving up the breastfeeding, but got an avent isis breastpump, and expressed his feeds. However at 4 weeks old, he was hospitalised as he just could not keep any of his feeds down and got dehydrated. The doctor told me his reflux needed AR formula, and told me to stop expressing as it was just wearing me out, and my milk was also gradually drying up.
    I never felt so bad after stopping the breastmilk for good. But came to realise, it was truley for the best as he thrived after the switch, and was such a happy baby as well, whereas before, he screamed all the time.
    You are such a great mum trying for so long, never forget that you have given your bub the absolute best start in life with all that colostrum, being the most important of all breastmilk. You truely have a lucky bubba there

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