thread: EBM defrosting - freezer failing :(

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    Sep 2007

    EBM defrosting - freezer failing :(

    Sorry this is somewhat of an essay.

    I "roomed in" on the 29th and 30th of July, and expressed while in hospital and stored the excess EBM in the hospital fridge.

    We took the hospital stash home in a cool bag with some ice and threw it in the freezer.

    About 2 days later, realised that the part of the freezer we put them in, hadn't frozen them (but had kept them very cold) so essentially kept them refrigerated. Moved to another part of the freezer to freeze. At this point in time, within the 4 day limit to refrigerate EBM.

    Wake up today and realise they are only half frozen. They all have cores that are frozen, the rest is like an ice slushie. Is this considered "frozen"? The nurse in SCU said it was considered frozen if there were any crystals, otherwise no. So, can I consider that part of the stash to be frozen, or not?

    I don't want to throw out my gold . I can freeze everything that is currently fresh in my fridge and use this stash today if I have to.

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    May 2008

    EBM defrosting - freezer failing :(

    I would use the stash today and then freeze the fresh stuff! If any doubt I always use it :-)