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Thread: Expressing for child care

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    Default Expressing for child care

    as i want to continue bf makon, but starting work again soon i wnated to know how much breast milk i will need to take each day???
    he is demand fed so i cant even say hewill have a feed at certain times of the day!!!

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    Hi ellibugs

    that is a hard one. How many times a day do you end up feeding him? James is about the same age, he usually has 6 feeds per day and when we do an expressed feed we give him 180mls.

    Hope that helps


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    Your MCHN should be able to give you some idea of how much EBM would be enough.

    Do you know roughly how many feeds Makon will be at Childcare for, and does he have a pattern where you know/suspect he feeds more at certain feeds etc?

    i.e. Milo appears to get most of his b/m in the first 2-3 feeds, and then cluster feeds in the evening

    If I'm still breastfeeding (fingers crossed I wil be) when I go back to work in June I guess I will be looking at this issue too.

    Also, I'm not sure how accessible childcare is in your area, but if you're lucky enough to have one close to your work, ad the work schedule to allow it, you can usually arrange to go in for at least one of the feeds & breastfeed him there.

    good luck

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    Hi Ellibugs

    This is a hard question to answer but I would be looking at somewhere around 200ml per feed. If you can express lots of milk then go for 250ml he will leave what he does not want.

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    Indah is demand fed too, I feed her roughly every 3 hours (that seems to be as she demands it, but from 4pm onwards it could be every 2hours as she cluster feeds before bed & she usually has about 220ml of EBM at night from a bottle that Dh gives her (usually around 9:30pm!
    As I start work at 8am & finish at 4:30, I am guessing I will feed when she wakes around 7am, then she will probably want a feed around 10ish, again around 1 & again around 4ish, so I will give 4 bottles of 250ml each to my sister or Mum whoevers day it is, so they should have enough!!!
    I can then feed again when I walk in the door...

    That's the hops/plan!!! :-k

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    ok so i think i definatly should start to do some expressing and freeze it, i never seem to be able to get more then 100ml out at a time

    off i go to pump pump pump!! :shock:

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