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Thread: Fire Hydrant..

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    Default Fire Hydrant..

    Yep, That is what dh calls me. He says I could put out a fire with my breasts.

    As soon as my bra comes off, theres no stoping the flow. Gone are the days of walking around the house nude.
    My shower screen gets washed with milk, I have to take my bra off in the shower to avoid messing the floor.
    I am constantly coated in milk as well because of the few seconds it takes to plop the boob in dd's mouth.
    I am engorged about an hour after most feeds, and if dd ever sleeps more than 6 hours, heaven help me.
    I express in the shower (if the stream ever stops) but I am always filling up so quickly.
    Yesterday I found another lump and was massageing for about 20 mins in the shower, and the flow did not stop for me to get out of the shower.. I had to just reach for the towel and wrap it round me really quick. Ugh. Its painful always being so engorged.

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    hun it's horrible pain but atleast you know you have a wonderful supply, it will eventually settle.
    Mine is ok when not feeding now but i used to be the same, when DD is feeding though i squirt everywhere... so funny when she shoots herself in the eye.

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    I used to think everyone was a leaker. But it turns out not. Just a few of us lucky ones. Yours does sound particulary bad though.
    It will settle down, but it is a constant hassle isn't it. There's always wipes and breast pads and bras to be washed. And feeding in public is harder too.
    I hope things improve soon, but you are not alone. I'm still struggling and DS2 is 8 months old.

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    I could enter a wet t-shirt competition and win most days

    DH comes home to me and is like "wow, looking good".

    Hope that it settles down for you babe!
    Sue xxx

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