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Thread: Guinness good for BM supply??

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    Default Guinness good for BM supply??

    Hey guys,

    We had a random can of guinness left in the fridge from a party - DH hates the stuff, I'd never had it, so I thought, ah well I'll have it. I was a bit wary about having a drink whilst breastfeeding so I googled "guinness when breastfeeding" and everything that I found says that a small (around 200ml) glass of guinness each day can really help your milk supply!!!! OMG! How bizarre!

    Anyway, I had a small glass, tasted ok, won't be dashing out to get any more but has anyone heard that guinness is good for breast feeding mothers? I must ask some of my Irish mates!!

    Sue x

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    I have heard that, not sure how true it is. I know that if I had supply issues I would be finding an alternative though...cant even stand the smell of that stuff let alone drink it

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    LOL, yeah, it's not the nicest tasting stuff!

    Would much rather have a nice bubbly glass of champagne..... hmmm, wonder how THAT goes with the BM supply

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    Default Guinness good for BM supply??

    Yes stout type beers can help with milk supply used to be supplied to woman years ago in hospital!

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    It's a myth. Stout, beer and other alcohol does NOT increase your supply. If you enjoy a beer or a stout occasionally it probably does no harm - but it doesn't increase your milk supply.
    The thing that does increase your supply is feeding your baby more frequently.

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    Hehe, thought so!

    Good job I have a hungry bubba who feeds 2 hourly!

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    As I understand it, guinness or other stouts used to be recommended to lactating women as it was believed to be high in iron, and many newly postnatal women are slightly anaemic. Not sure when they rescinded this information but my mum drank stout (even though she didn't like it) when she was breastfeeding 30 years ago.

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