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Thread: Heinz Nurture Gold - anyone using?

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    Question Heinz Nurture Gold - anyone using?

    I have a 6 month old who has been on this formula since birth. Since they've changed the formula i've noticed that my DD has very runny poo, to the point where its nearly up her back every time she has one. I have taken her to the doctors and was told that due to the formula change (that they've made it more like breast milk?) that her poo is fine. I have a appointment with my health nurse on monday. Other than the mess she is completley fine.
    Just wondering if this new formula is doing this to any other bubs??

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    Hi Shell,

    We use Heinz Nurture Starter (not the Gold) and while my DD poo is not as 'runny' as when she was on breastmilk only, it is still very soft. She does have the occasional explosion where it goes up her back etc but not very frequently. DD has only ever been on Heinz though so i don't have anything to compare it to...

    Ok just re-read your post and noted that you meant that the formula has changed - not that you have changed brands! ok so i haven't noticed much change in her recently - but i do find that the milk 'bubbles' a lot!


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