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Thread: HELP!! Biting and ready to give up.

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    Default HELP!! Biting and ready to give up.

    Please help me .. my daughter just cut her 2 bottom teeth and one top tooth. She is now grinding her teeth together and biting me every feed. I am massive amounts of pain and she is not getting much of a feed. I have tried expressing but she screams at the bottle and won't take it at all. Please help me .. what do i do ??

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    First thing, back to basics. Pay close attention to her attachment - if she is latching correctly (and sometimes we start to get a bit slack once babies get older) she can't bite you.
    Watch her closely when she's feeding - you can often see when they're about to bite. If she's attached right, she will have to pull back to bite and you can see them about to do this - so you can learn to pop her off quickly as soon as you see the signs.
    If she's teethign, try giving her some other things to chew on between feeds - teething rings, cold flannels that sort of thing. sometmies if they getit out of their system they will leave your breasts alone.
    The other thing I'd suggest is call the ABA - 1800-mum-2-mum. They will have advice and help for you too.
    Babies do go through biting phases, but most mums are able to navigate their way through without weaning. All the best

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    Oh, I know how you feel! I'm not sure how old your LO is so it may not be appropriate as she may not understand but DS started biting me again just recently (he is just over 9 months old).
    I was told to say 'No' quite firmly and then end the feed. It took a couple of days and I was worried about supply if I stopped his feeds but I only ended a couple of feeds before he stopped biting.
    I really watched him as he was feeding too because most times I could start to tell when he was going to do it so could stop him before he bit me. I found singing quietly to him while he was feeding helped too. GL

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    Ah, that is so painful, I really feel for you. I went through the same thing a couple of months ago (if you read back you'll find it, I can't add the link as I'm writing this on iPhone). The best advice I was given was to cut back on feeds (DD was feeding 2 hourly at the time, now she's closer to 3 hourly with some longer intervals, as she's able to ask now). I also found that 'no' calmly but firmly and ending the feed immediately and placing her safely on the floor worked eventually. It did take a few days and I was at my wits end and nothing seemed to be working, then she suddenly just stopped.
    I also got a tube of lansinoh which helped the bites to heal quickly and only used fabric breastpads until the broken skin had healed.
    I hope it stops soon, and that you're able to hang in there in the meantime

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