thread: How Much EBM would you expect a 6-8 week old baby to drink in a feed?

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    Sep 2008

    How Much EBM would you expect a 6-8 week old baby to drink in a feed?

    DH and I need a much needed parents night, and as we have now established that DD will drink from the bottle, plan to head out to the movies/dinner and Nan will look after the kids

    However, I have no idea how much EBM to leave Mum for DD, or how much to tell Mum to put in the bottle to offer her? She gulped down 60ml when we were 'testing' to see if she'd take the bottle. Would about 120-150ml be about right? I'll plan to leave her more just in case, but say I allow for two feeds, what would be a reasonable amount to have expressed ready?

    DD is a pretty robust and enthusiastic breastfeeder

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    Sep 2007

    Using between 150 and 180 mils per kilo of body weight per day, divided into 6 or 8 feeds.

    At 5kgs, then...

    If she feeds every 3 hours, then a feed is between 94 and 112 mils per feed.

    If she feeds every 4 hours, then a feed is between 125 and 150 mils per feed.

    So I think I'd have at least 250 mils . Have fun hun!

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    Jul 2006

    Between 1 and 6 months, it is usually worked on an average of 750ml per day, divided by the number of feeds in a day (so for ease, let's say 10 which is 75ml per feed, so 150ml for two feeds). Often babies drink less from the bottle than from mum and make up for it afterwards, so I recommend only storing it in 50ml batches and using one batch at a time to reduce the risk of wastage. If she drinks 50ml, your mum can try the next lot of 50ml. And don't worry if she doesn't drink much of it, that's normal.

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    Sep 2008

    Thanks girls!

    MR I like the idea of reducing the wastage, nothing worse than not using it after pumping

    M - thanks, I posted this just before I talked to you before

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    Hi Naomi

    When the girls deign to drink from a bottle, they consistently average between 120 - 140ml.
    Now to get them to drink from the bottle so we can have an evening off

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