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Thread: Peeling skin versus thrush?

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    Default Peeling skin versus thrush?

    I'm currently feeding () my DD using nipple shields. I've noticed I've got some white "stuff" both top & bottom of the nipple (she goes on "twin hold"). I don't think it's thrush, I think it's just peeling dead skin that looks white IYKWIM. Plus I can peel a bit of it off too (but have avoided messing with it too much). I've also been sunning them & changing breast pads regularly.

    I just wanted to check if that sounds reasonable or whether thrush could look like that as well?


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    I have no idea about the thrush but I spent yesterday reading the EE thread so just want to say congratulations on you EE achievements and you BF now.

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    Hey Belfie,

    Congrats hun on doing so well feeding your little lady, be very proud. TBH I think you'd know if it was thrush - usually has pain associated with it and for me it was a shiny, pinky red appearance to my nipples. I too get dry skin on the areola so I just try & keep things moisturised to give my nipples back some resilience. I'm very prone to nipple trauma so they need all the help they can get LOL!

    As for breast pads, I chose to go cloth this time. Last time when I used disposable ones I think it actually contributed to the thrush & other infections I got with DS. They just don't breath and often stick to your skin. As much air time as you can is great too!

    Your LC should be able to definitively tell you if its thrush or not.

    Good luck, another one cheering you on miss. I'm just starting to put my DD to the breast after weeks of expressing and I understand how hard this road is.

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