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Thread: Raspberry Leaf Tea and breastfeeding?

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    Default Raspberry Leaf Tea and breastfeeding?

    With my DD I had the milk supply and the attatchment, yet my DD didnt put on weight. She would take at least 1hr to feed. She was jaundice and we had to undress her to wake her and keep jostling her etc to get her to keep feeding. She would never sleep for long and cried and cried, I think I went mad. After a few visits to the nurse I was adv to do top up feeds (formula) as she needed to put on weight. When she was born we had trouble getting her to suck (born 37weeks3days) and I had to have a tube attatched to my breast so she could get some formula as breastmilk didnt come in until day 5 and I wanted her to be BF not bottlefed.

    Anyway long story short, I am close to having this baby, which will be born by c/s and am extremely nervous about not having great milk. Does taking raspberry leaf tea in a tablet form help with breastfeeding at all?

    All help greatly appreciated.


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    Helen, I can't say too much as I don't know alot of it but I am pretty sure that Raspberry Leaf tea does help to increase your milk supply. I had never heard of this until late but apparently it is true. Remember that after a c section your milk maybe slower to come in. Although I had not problems in feeding my son at all after my c section.

    Goodluck and I'm sure you'll do fine. Persistance pays off

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    The lactation consultants I saw told me that this was true, but when I mentioned it to my naturopath she seemed surprised, and thought fenugreek would be much better.

    It did work, but made for slightly stinkier, daraker, frequesnt and looser nappies

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    Thanks guys. I think I will go out in the next couple of days and get some. Babies nappies have a tendency to be yucky anyway so that's all ok.

    If I remember I'll post again after I've had baby to let you know how things go.


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    Hi there!

    I had a cesear and had no problems with milk coming thru on about the third day. With one hungry bub, my milk supply was HUGE!! haha However my little man is now 8 months and I am struggling to keep up with his demand so I am taking Fenugreek tablets and I have notice a really big difference. I seem to have a lot of breastmilk all day, even in the evening. I have just started drinking Activite too....

    Hope all goes well with the cesear!! Dont worry about your milk long as bub suckles frequently, youll be fine.

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