thread: is skin sensitivity to a food indicative of an intolerance to that food?

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    is skin sensitivity to a food indicative of an intolerance to that food?

    is skin sensitivity to a food indicative of an intolerance to that food?

    DS had vita brits with ebm this morning and got a rash on his face. is this indicative of reacting to something in the vita brits, or could it just be reaction to having something touching his face?

    also if you have any good refereences to read on intolerances i would love to read them. can't afford to see dietician atm so just trying to get my head around it all.


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    possibly, but it'd be hard to tell precisely what they were reacting too.

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    Yes - they often suggest testing allergenic foods on the lips before getting the child to eat them. Also the allergy tests are all done with skin pr!ck tests where they scratch the skin, add the allergen and see if there is a reaction. It may be difficult to know though what the allergen was though unless you separate out the ingredients.

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    I would say no - I have no food allergies or intolerances, but my skin will get rashy on contact with tomatoes, citrus juice or oils, cooking/massage/essential oils, the sap from fruit or plants like figs...

    Nai is right about testing allergens first with touching them to the lips, but a rash isn't conclusive, whereas swellling or systemic reaction is. Lip skin functions very differently from the rest of our skin. It's like a cross between skin and mucous membrane like we have inside the mouth.

    If you wanted to test it, I'd put a glob of wet vitabrit on his forearm for a bit and see if the rash comes up there. Then you could go on the work out if it's the milk, or the wheat, or the preservatives in it, etc...

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    Possibly. DD1 used to get a rash on her hands and around her mouth when eating egg. We'd try her with small amounts of egg about once a month. At one point the rash spread down her neck and chest and her lips swelled a little. I left it for a few months after that but kept testing periodically. She's been fine with egg since she was about 2.

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    It could be a sign of an allergy/intolerance showing up. My DS used to get a red rash around his mouth when he ate sweet and sour sauce, he has an allergy to soy. He would also get eczema which stopped once we eliminated wheat from his diet however would flair up on his neck after washing his hair - his shampoo contained wheat.

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    Could be indicative but not conclusive. I'm allergic to fish and get a rash/redness when I touch it.