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    Oh yeah, Jessica said that on the show too. She will hide vegies in things but also put the vegies on the plate so her kids get the idea that you should eat vegies but if they don't eat them at least she knows they're actually getting the nutrients from the hidden vegies
    That certainly makes sense, I am so keen to get this book - will do once I head to the shops this weekend.

    Made Banana and choc chip muffins yesterday, he nibbled at them a bit, Gaby and I polished them off tho they were so delicious! Earlier today we have made some iceypoles with pear and apple puree so am waiting till they frezze properly - have got my fingers crossed for that one.

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    Gabysmum - no sorry with the meatballs a just cook them on teh BBQ with our hamburgers and the kids devour them as finger food. They make really yummy hamburgers. My DH and all his friends always rave about them and ask for them and I'm like 'It's not rocket science!' - there's nothing magic to them, they are just yummy

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    getting kids to eat vegies and fruit can b tough - i dont have that problem yet my DS is only 12 wks but as a kid i was fussy and so were my siblings so my mum was sneaky the foods that worked the best and still are favs now are:

    rissoles: can b frozen and reheated easily and can be packed with veggies- finely grate carrots, apples, zucchinis, peas, corn, sweet potato, pumpkin. When made with good mince can be quite healthy. Can be served as burgers or with other veggies. To mix things up use chicken or lamb or pork mince or sub meat for mash potato and rice - add some sweet soy, bbq, tomato sauce and/or honey to sweeten them.
    Salmon/tuna mornay was also a fav easy as well, soups are also easy to conceal veggies in, as are quiches/frittatas.
    As for the fruit try making smoothies and fruit jellies, or slices/biscuits- fruit,carrot,banana cake,fruit mince pies? the easiest way is to make eating them fun and if the help 'cook' they tend to want to eat it more.


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