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Thread: Solids - Homemade VS Store bought cans...

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    Quote Originally Posted by christy View Post
    BUT that is food in the purest form. We love having the occasional tin in the cupboard to get us through a busy day.
    I hear ya on this one. As much as it was great that Seth likes his home cooking it would have been handy if he could have had tinned/jarred foods when needed for convenience.

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    hi all- am yet to move to solids but a friend recommended to me annabel karmels books. she gave me one and it looks fantastic!! it looks like this will be a whole new adventure for us when the time comes!!

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    I def. think texture is an issue for DD - she won't eat mashed foods yet only puree. But she will get there with time!

    She handeld the homemade veg with chicken last night really well. I'm starting to this this might just be her slowly getting used to having a second meal in a day. She won't have breakfast but loves her lunch and is picking up in the dinner side of things!

    Have just made up potato, brocoli, pumpkin, chicken and rice puree - smells good enough for me to eat! So will test run that tonight!

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    I found Charlie was the opposite, he wouldn't eat the pureed stuff. Would just spit it out, make chunks & he loved it. I wanted him to get used to both so he wasn't a "snob" to canned food when we went out. But he is LOL, he will eat somethings from a jar/can & I do use stuff when out. But I also bought him a pirate cooler bag so if it's arvo I can take his fruit & custard or yoghurt.
    When I read up about the ingredients & found out that the first listed is what is mostly in the jar/can...I now find most is water & they really dont get any meat from any of them at all. Also many if you check have "apple juice" in the ingredients - that I'm not a fan of.
    As Charlie eats a lot & chunks I don't do the ice cubes. I boil big hunks of vegies, & freeze in snap lock bags with other various hunks. Then just heat, mash with fork...often add rice, baby pasta, sometimes cheese, cottage cheese or what meat we are having.

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    I wanted him to get used to both so he wasn't a "snob" to canned food when we went out.
    LOL, me too, with my Charlie. We went to the UK for a 3 week holiday when he was 8 months old.......he turned his nose up at all the tinned foods.....arggghh! He ended up on a staple diet of toast and apple puree........LOL

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