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Thread: Starting solids early

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    Another Mimi Tang quote from the transcript:
    delaying foods does not prevent allergy; I don't know that it makes it worse, there is no good evidence that it makes it worse
    There also other potential causes listed in there, such as not enough exposure to germs. The thing is that there are still a lot of unknowns.

    And for the person who asked, allergies are basically caused by the immune system reacting to the food.

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    I've seen on some of the canned babyfoods that they are for 4-6months.

    My nanna who had 8 children started her kids on solids at about 4-6weeks!

    I guess it's probably trial and error and every child is different. I've been told that if they poke their tongue out when you try to put the spoon in then they aren't ready.

    My DD watches me and DH eating and she will open her mouth when we open ours to put food in and then she'll chew while we are chewing. She's 12 weeks. I'm thinking of starting her on solids in the next 3-4 weeks.

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    Well another week has gone by and my lil' Princess is still pushing out her food! I guess we'll just keep at it!

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