thread: Teaching baby to use a cup

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    Scarlett Guest

    Teaching baby to use a cup

    We have been trying to get Emily to accept BM from a bottle with little success. She was fine when she was about 4 weeks old and we left it for 2 weeks and now she puts up a huge fight each time and refuses to drink. I am considering trying her on a cup and was looking at the attachments that turn avent bottles into sippa cups. I was wondering if anyone has had any success with them or tips on how to get her to accept a cup.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi scarlett

    lani has been having a cup with water since around 4mths old - she is getting the hang of it a lot better now and has solids with water all the time, i have the avent cup but i don't think lani really likes it (she prefers to chew it lol) when she is in the highchair i give her a cheap cup from coles and it goes everywhere but she loves to drink out of it. i found the handle things for avent were a bit hard for her to hold. as i want a non spill cup for when she is not in the highchair i have just bought a pigeon amazing cup - which is non spill and the handles look a little easier - will be using today for first time - so i think it maybe a case of a little experiencing with cups - my first two had the mag mags and i found them great - i don't want to buy another one as i have the original (i just have to find it lol) anyway good luck

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    Asha has been using her Avent cup for a while now. She loves it. She also uses the handles on her bottles so she is used to them. I have taken the handles off her cup before as well. Asha likes to shew on the spout as well but it take a while for them to realise that they have to suck on it to get the water out.

    Asha uses a normal sippy cup at day care and the water goes everywhere. Asha also likes to drink out of the sports bottles here at home as well and she drinks straight from the cup too. Asha loves water and ALWAYS has water during the day, expecially after food to wash out her mouth (not that she has any teeth to worry about yet but getting her in the habit will be good).

    Goodluck and keep trying, it will pay off!


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    Melinda Guest

    Jacob drinks water out of a cup....we found it much easier than trying to get him to use sippy cups which have valves etc (I tried sucking water out of the sippy cups with valves and found it hard, so I don't know how on earth I expected him to do it LOL). It can be a bit messy, but I've certainly found it to be the best way for him to get water.....

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    katanya Guest

    Felix also will not take a bottle of EBM!

    I just skipped bottles and went to sippy cups at 6mth when we introduced water.

    I find the best for him are the ones without the valves, because otherwise he doesn't get the idea that you need to suck on the holes (because you suck on boobies right?)

    At 10 mths he is now a complete pro and will drink EBM very easily from a sippy cup.

    Just be patient with it and into the water first, let her play with it etc..she'll get the idea eventually!

    I used to use a very small cup that he'd drink from too before we did the sippy cup thing!