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Thread: The vomiting is starting to wear me down...

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    It's amazing how much better I feel having had a whinge, and to hear it's all quite normal. Thanks for all the feedback! I have not actively burped her since posting yesterday, and firstly, I'm amazed at how she just burps herself now if she needs to, and secondly, I could swear we have had less vomits today. Still chucky, but not as much. I've been waiting about 15mins between each side too so maybe that's helping? I'll definitely be keeping it up and seeing how it goes. Hopefully like most of your LO's she will slow down on the chucking around 6 months/solids stage, as I've realised it's not all that far away.

    Thanks again

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    Us too! Thanks HB.

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    Hey HB,
    I seem to make chucoers too and its amazing how quickly your dress standards drop. With DD I remember changing my and bed linen and DD's all the time which , along with cloth nappies, meant our washing machine never got a break. Then as time went on we'd have a laugh as Isponged a few vomit spots and asked DH "Is this okay for the shops?"
    The only things I can add as advice is when we burp all we do is sit straight up right, no patting or anything, The wind just makes its way to the top. And celebrate the dry burps/. If they falll asleep at a night feed and I don't burp, just leave was on my arm (Hello dead arm) The other thing I do a lot is feed in an upright position. It seems to help. DS is long so he straddles my leg and faces my bb if you know what i mean. 0
    It does stop eventually. You'll notice a carefree cuddle, minus the spew rag, one day and smile.
    Good luck, It does wear you down. I would get so jealous to see the mums at mothers group with no bibs on their eautiful outfits and cuddling their babies straight after a feed with no protection

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