thread: What's wrong with my attachment?

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    Jan 2011

    What's wrong with my attachment?

    Trying to get rid of the shields in my "good" now healed side. I have been attaching dd and she is taking it ok. However I start to get the "clicking" sound. My nipple feels fine, I just know I shouldn't hear it. I keep reattaching her but I still get the sound. What causes it? How do I fix it??
    Also, whilst I get no nipple pain now, she hurts where her jaw/chin is moving into the tissue. Is this normal?

    (sorry I know I have a million questions in this section!)

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    Jan 2006

    If it feels comfortalbe and she's feeding well - so you can see her swallowing, good number of nappies, etc - then it's fine.

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    Jan 2011

    DD sometimes clicks too...I find it's more likely when she's greedy hungry and/or my boobs are really full - like her first feed in the morn.

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    May 2007
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    It doesn't sound like it's "broke" so doesn't need fixing. Often when babies are getting a lot of milk they will need to break suction to manage (slow down) the amount of milk they are getting. So it's their clever little devise to slow the amount of milk they are getting. it's not a problem unless it's painful for you

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    Oct 2007
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    DS 'squeaked' at all his feeds for ages, i had the attachment checked a few times but there was nothing really 'wrong' - he was just a squeaker! Around 4 months, i just realised that it wasn't happening anymore. if everything else is going ok, don't stress too much.