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Thread: 5mth old gone from 1-2wake-ups to minimum of 3

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    Default 5mth old gone from 1-2wake-ups to minimum of 3

    DS had got himself into a nice little thing, with a bf at 7ishpm and then would go through till between 2-4, have a feed and back down till 6-7am. But in the last 3 weeks, he's picked up a feed anytime between 9 and 11pm, then around 2 and 5. On top of that, probably every 2-3 nights, he's up every 1-2 hours and most of the time for a feed. To begin with, I thought growth spurt/teething/wonder week, but its now been 3 weeks!!

    I did notice that yesterday he was really fussy with his feeds during the day, and didn't probably fill himself up, so that could explain the frequent wakings during the night.

    Any ideas/tips/advice greatly received! I have a toddler so can't really sleep when he sleeps during the day to catch up.

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    They tend to do this around 4-6 months. He is probably getting very distracted during the day and so needs to make up some of the feeds at night. Can you try a quiet, darkened room for day feeds? Maybe lying down?

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    Its probably a 6 month growth spurt a little early, after all they will do things in their own time and can have growth spurts whenever they feel. They will increase their number of feeds and then drop off again, its their way to increase your supply.

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    Wonder 3 weeks not wonder week?

    I'm in the 6 week growth spurt at the moment and am getting woken up every 2 hours or less for food at the moment, have been for the past week. The little lump is looking like he's about to jump a clothing size again. When they grow, they do it properly.

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