thread: Blister on bubs lip after each feed!

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    Question Blister on bubs lip after each feed!

    Dont know if I am posting in the right section?

    After most feeds my 3 week old son gets a little white blister on his top lip? He is attaching well (I think, well it doesnt hurt?)
    The other day it actually came, off kinda burst and there was skin hanging form his lip?

    Just wanted to know if this is normal or if i should go see the GP about it?

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    I think these are called milk blisters and are normal. DD and DS had them but I don't think they ever burst.

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    My DS is 6 weeks and he still has his milk blisters. The skin has fallen off a few times also. They are harmless and nothing to worry about.


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    Lu get one too sometimes Amber, i was told its a suckling blister and nothing to worry about. x

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    Both my DD's (#2 still bf) had them and the skin would fall off then a new 'sucking blister' would appear.......never interfered with their feeding, just made me go ewwwww the first time the skin came off Some say they get it because of poor attachment some say because they are vigorous suckers....well DD's attachment is fine and she's a guts so I go with theory #2!

    I don't think it's anything to worry about but if you need peace of mind, don't hesitate to go to your GP.


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    I remember being worried about that too! I asked my health nurse or doctor, and yeah, it's what the others said, milk blisters, and the thing I was worried about - apparently it doesn't hurt them or cause them discomfort, just looks a bit unsightly is all!

    Well done on having a baby who is attaching well!

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    Caleb still gets milk blisters some days. I think they are cute

    Try rubbing a little of the creamy hind milk into it or use some lanisoh if you've got some.

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    Yep Claire got them as well for the first few weeks. MIL who is a midwife said its normal, nothing to worry about it. I dont think hers ever burst though, but they were always there after each feed.

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    It probably is the result of slightly less than optimal attachment - he's having to excert more suction than normal to keep the breast in place, on the other hand, nothing to be too alarmed about. Make sure he is turned into your body, chin to chin, chest to chest, you wait til he has a wide open gape and you hold him close. IMO, you should just be able to see the curve of his heek against the curve of your breast. If you can see his lips, move him in closer. Sometimes you just about turn yourself inside out trying for that "perfect" attachment, when nothing but time will sort it out, so don't be alarmed - it will get better.

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