thread: bra at night?

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    Feb 2008
    ? have to consult the road map on my stomach...

    bra at night?

    DS2 is coming up to 8 weeks and things are going well with BF. I'm just wondering what other people do/did re wearing a bra at night. I have been until this point, but it's so uncomfortable sleeping in one - I just want to feel free for a while iykwim... is there a reason why it's recommended by some community midwives etc?

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    Jan 2008

    Oh, I didn't realise it was recommended? I ditched mine overnight at about 3wks I think, I so needed the bra free time and I rarely, if ever, leak overnight and it felt great! Great to hear things are going well

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    Jan 2008
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    I wore a sleep bra for a few weeks - just to hold the breast pads in place and then got sick of that so didn't bother anymore. I didn't have any issues - but I'm not sure why they recommend to wear one?

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    May 2008
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    I used to wear a fitted singlet top, not to tight but if i didnt i leaked SO much! id wake up in a puddle! I couldnt sleep in a bra! to tight and uncomfortable and i always thought it was bad for your boobs to sleep in a bra! or is that an old wives tale?

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    I have not slept in bra at all, as I love the freedom of no bra at night and also easier to feed in bed.
    I have never been a person to leak though, occasionally in nearly 2 years of BF.

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    Nov 2008

    I had to wear a bra or maternity top to keep my breast pads in place cause I leaked so much at night, LOL! I'll be buying one of those breast feeding crop tops next time (they have minimal seams and no clips across the back). I don't think there is any reason to wear a bra to bed though, at least I was never told that.
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    May 2008

    I just slept on a towel, wrapped up in another towel for the leaks.
    If it's uncomfortable then don't wear it!

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    There are some fabulous maternity camis you can get that help keep breast pads in place if you need them with easy access for feeding...another layer in winter is not a bad thing?

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    I agree with the others that if it's uncomfortable it is fine not to wear one. I found the same thing and did the towel trick. Wearing a bra at night when your breasts are full, can increase the risk of mastitis also. I think the recommendation to wear a bra at night (and I think they say to do it during pg too), is based on an old belief that your breasts get less saggy if you wear a bra 24/7. I think research has shown this to be false - if you want perky breasts don't get pg and don't get older LOL, there is no other way!!

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    Jun 2010

    before i had dd1 i couldn't stand wearing bra's, as soon as i'd get home from work it came off even before my shoes. I absolutely hated wearing one to bed when dd1 was first born but found if i didn't i would leak everywhere so i just started wearing it. As she got older and my milk settled down i would still find that if i didn't wear it to bed or under clothes the stimulation of clothes or bed sheets on my nipples would make me leak. So i just kept wearing one 24/7 which i got used too. Also i found that everytime i tried not going to bed with a bra on i would get a blocked milk duct..grrr. Now i'm not feeding i don't wear one anymore to bed which is alot more comfortable. And lol at manta true.

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    I used to wear a loose sleep bra but ditched that pretty quickly as I leaked so much it made no difference if I wore breast pads or not. I just wear a granny nighty open at the top for easy access and deal with leaks in the morning. DS feeds pretty regularly at night so I rarely leak from engorgement but I do leak from the boob not being fed from so I whack a muslin square cloth on that boob (if I remember and am alert enough to!!) Breast pads were useless for me because I flow like the trevi fountain when let down happens and I would soak right through them! I am almost at the point where DS helps himself so I don't even have to wake up, so easy access is important to me.

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    Jul 2005

    I only wore a bra to keep the breast pads in place, and I still had to sleep on a towel anyway (which was soaked every morning, lovely). Unfortunately, I did sleep a bit oddly one night and ended up with my first bout of mastitis. Could have been position, but it could have been the bra as well. I certainly didn't wear one overnight after that! I'd say don't bother if you're not comfortable as well.

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    Feb 2008
    ? have to consult the road map on my stomach...

    fabulous! It's coming off! lol

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    Jan 2006

    I tried to wear a bra at night but found I just leaked right through the breastpads so ditched the bra and slept on a folded up towel with another towel folded infront of me to soak up any leaks!