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    Question Fast let-down


    My little DD is 5 weeks old and I have really been enjoying BF so far. I feel like it is really rewarding watching her grow knowing that I am helping her so much. I have had mastitis which was horrible but other than that have had a pretty good run. Originally I thought that I had an oversupply of milk and waited patiently while this sorted itself out and was told that by 6 weeks my milk supply would be established and it would be okay. I am leaking through 3 tops/day including through breastpads. I have tried disposable and resuable pads too. I've been doing one sided feeding and when feeding, the other breast will leak badly. I feel like the milk is precious so started catching the dripping/spraying milk from the other breast in a bottle and last night I got 120mls just from holding the bottle to my breast. *sigh* I saw the lactation consultant and she thinks that I have fast let down and not so much oversupply. The oversupply is coming from the let down occurring so often that my milk is reproducing super fast. After doing some research myself - this makes perfect sense!!! My DD often chokes and splutters and sometimes really grips down on my nipple. Luckily she pulls herself off and reattaches properly on each of these occasions. From my reading, I can see lots of advice on how to feed her to make it easier for her but I can't see any information about how to correct or slow the fast let down. I would really really really appreciate any advice on how to do this. I can feel the let down happening on almost an hourly basis and am going through up to 4 breast pads in a 12 hour period. I am going to bed with a towel strapped to my chest. Any help or ideas would be gratefully accepted.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Congrats on making it so far, it sounds like you are doing great.

    Besides expressing before a feed just to release the initial gush in order for it to not upset/choke bubs, your probably just going to have to wait for your supply to establish itself some more. It does start to improve and regulate itself at 6 weeks, and in the coming few weeks will do so even more, even to the point where you may feel like you dont have milk there cause it doesnt feel bulky anymore. Everyone's different and some take longer than others, some ladies will always have to use pads, others stops after 6 weeks, its just a waiting game for now.

    Also, are you accidentally consuming any lactogenic foods, like oats for instance that is helping to increase your supply slightly, have a google for a list and see if you are.

    Good luck with everything else to.

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    *looks at large bowl of oatmeal porridge* you can accidentally consume oats?

    Not going to help the leaky side, but have you tried feeding lying on your back with bubs eating face-down? Might help with the choking a bit. Believe me, they can eat just fine like that, speaking as a very lazy breastfeeder who just plonks 'em on however.

    Also get a well-fitting bra (get fitted WHILE wearing breastpads) and don't wear anything tight or lean on your boobs, just leaning your arm on them 'wrong' can make them leak. But then, just watching bubs eat can make them leak. Boobies are amazing things

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    Hi Starangelk and congratulations on your new baby!!

    Actually reading your post reminds me of about a year ago, I could have written your post it was frustrating with fast let down and possible oversupply. Good news is that it eventually sorted itself out and took longer than six weeks. My DD also used to choke sometimes when I started to feed her so I then had to take her off and put a cup or something there until it slowed down. I would fill up the cup pretty quickly with amazing force. I had a few of those little plastic cups that they serve you scoops of icecream in at takeaway icecream shops and used them. I also tried the feeding lying down thing to be honest I can't remember if that worked, sorry. I had to wear breast pads for about 11 months

    But yeah it gets better eventually its annoying though. And dont worry when it does settle down cause your boobs will feel heaps softer but that doens't mean that there isn't any milk there,just that your supply has regulated.

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    Hi ladies - thank you SO much for your advice, I really appreciate it. I realise I am just going to have to be a little bit more patient. It's just so frustrating! I know that some ladies would kill for this problem so I am trying not to be too cranky about it, but it is hard. It just makes feeding in public difficult due to the mess. 2 nights in a row I have woken up to milk squirting me in the face - I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    And RumpledElf - congrats on your very new baby!

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    My mother once hit the cat in the face across a room from some fast let-down. Apparently her fast let-down gave me colic ...

    I think you just need to laugh

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    Starangel....I had to laugh at your post, so you should too. What an amazing job you are doing for your gorgeous DD. I too have fast let down, and my DD coughs and splutters and comes up with smooshy milk all over her cheeks! I think it's cute, but it does make for a sight in the mothers room when I have milk leaking onto my belly. Yours sounds a little more amazing than mine, but maybe mine has calmed down already....

    I think really just be a bit more patient and I'm sure it will work itself boobs have had practice before, but yours are novices!