thread: Gas & attachment?

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    Feb 2009
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    Gas & attachment?

    Jack gets a lot of gas... in fact, his farts have become a source of great amusement in our house.

    I'm almost sure my milk isn't fizzy (), but I'm thinking maybe I should consult a lactation consultant about the attachment. Mostly, he feed well, and my nipples aren't sore. His lips are flanged out, and we seem to tick the boxes for the 'good attachment' appearance. But still sometimes I can hear he takes in a huge gulp of air... and then that turns into the burping attempts, which progresses to colic pain, followed by the highly entertaining fart procession in his sleep.

    Is it time I make the call??

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    Jan 2006

    Well, there's probably no harm in calling. Have you tried the ABA helpline?
    If he's getting plenty of milk and you're comfortable, then his attachment is probably fine. It could be fast flow. Have you tried expressing to trigger the strongest gush before starting feeding or postiional feeding (ie, more upright)? Sometimes that helps. The good news is that that sort of problem will resolve itself as baby gets older.

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    It sounds like it just could be his immature digestive system adjusting to the real world. If he's doing well otherwise, I'd tend to think it will resolve itself, as marcellus says. You might find it's something in your diet, but then, it might not be! I second trying the ABA first.

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    Feb 2009
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    He doesn't seem too upset by it. He stirs in his sleep, squirms & grunts, and then farts like a soldier, then falls back asleep. His burping is hit & miss some days, and his poo is getting more consistent (instead of wet farts). And he's got absolutely no problems gaining weight.

    I think I'll try popping into the local ABA branch next week.