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Thread: How do you cope with a head cold when bf a bub and looking after a toddler too??

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    Default How do you cope with a head cold when bf a bub and looking after a toddler too??

    Ok, some ideas please... have stuffy head, feel like I'm going to sneeze all the time but don't, sore throat and dry cough... very tired too... trying to keep up with 2 1/2 year old and bfing a 14 week old... how do you a) stay sane and b) keep your throat etc from feeling worse? Any ideas please! I know I can't take the cold and flu tabs I usually would...

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    Get some eucalyptus oil and put it on a hanky. Breathing it will help your nose clear. Also some eucalyptus cough drops, or some hot cordial with honey and fresh lemon juice added will make you feel heaps better. Lots of fluids as you are both breastfeeding and losing fluid with your cold. Remember you can take panadol which will make a difference to your stuffy head.

    Other than that, prepare lots of food in one go (get snacks ready for the day and have some sandwiches prepared) so you don't have to repeatedly stand in the kitchen and prepare food. Have it ready in the fridge for quick retrieval when your toddler is hungry. Then wrap yourself up in the doona and watch a DVD, hopefully both children will have a nap and you can nod off too. Then count the hours until your DH is home and you can crawl off to bed.

    Hope you feel better soon


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    I'm in the same boat at the moment and it is terrible! DD1 has had a head cold for 4 days, swollen eyes from rubbing them so much and a nose like a tap and I have picked it up off her in the last 24 hrs. Thankfully DD2 has not caught it yet, but having to constantly watch the two of them so that DD1's over enthusiastic expressions of love do not leave DD2 with mucous on her is exhausting! I am breastfeeding at every opportunity to make sure DD2 is dosed up on my antibodies!!

    Since DD1 started showing symptoms, I have been downing every natural remedy I can think of.
    - making carrot, celery and ginger juice
    - having ginger tea (infuse some shredded ginger in hot water)
    - hot lemon and honey drinks
    - a spoonful of honey and raw garlic
    - drinking as much water as I can
    - using some immune boosting chinese herbal tinctures I picked up from the chinese doc.
    - a hot toddy when I know DD2 will not need a bf for a few hrs.

    I would say it is working as I have not had a bad dose of the cold so far - just enough to feel it and thankfully develop some immunity I can pass on to DD2.

    Try to get onto the ginger stuff and garlic as they both help with a cold and if you have a juicer - make yourself a concoction. As Traveller suggested, fluids and a doona are the best. We have been bunkered down with DVDs on the couch for a few days while we make it through and will make up for it at the park when we feel better

    Best x

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    Curl up on the couch with a box of tissues and leave snacks in easy reach of the toddler.

    I have the other half at home to help though, so its not so bad, but this is mine and the baby's second cold and he's only 6 weeks old. Yay winter, eh?

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    Some of the nasal decongestant sprays are safe to use while breastfeeding - check with your chemist for the exact ones.
    See here for sensible info:
    Breastfeeding and medications

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    Oh you poor thing. I found my saving grace was a vaporiser using a eucalyptus-type inhalant. Especially overnight. Hope you feel better soon.

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    Oh you poor thing. I hope me sending you some sympathy helps
    It's tough, but you'll get there. Just remember to keep your fluids up - this is really important. Even just hot water and a squeeze of lemon. And keep washing hands so that the DS1 does not get sick as well. That's not what you need right now!

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    Rest rest rest.. Don't worry about the houseworl.. Give baked beans for dinner.. or lunch or whenever. (i cried the first time my kids had it for dinner lol but it is very nutritious)

    I have said it before. Olive Leaf losenges with mukuna honey. If BF you can only have 3 a day. I was Bf when I first took these..

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