thread: I need help with feeding a sick baby

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    Apr 2006

    I need help with feeding a sick baby

    My poor baby girl is 12 weeks old and in the midst of her third cold. We were up literally all night - finally went to bed with her just after 5am. She's exhausted but hungry because she's not able to feed properly with all the mucus. I've been using fess, breastmilk up her nose, steam, vicks, keeping her as upright as possible. Is there anything else I can do to make it easier for her? I think just to add to the fun she has hit another growth spurt. My poor poor baby is not having fun.

    I'd really like to know where all the supposedly wonderful antibodies that come with breastfeeding are too .

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    Oh Lulu I'm so sorry that little Miss A is so sick. It breaks your heart when they are sick. By the sounds of it you are covering everything I can think of. Lots and lots of cuddles and nap whenever she does won't you hun.

    Hope she is better soon so you can both get some sleep.

    Love yas.

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    Small and frequent feeds is all I can suggest Poor bubba. My #3 is like that - at 11 months old she is just getting over her third spew bug and she has had a cold nearly every month too.

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    Sounds like you are doing evthing you can. Lots of feeds and time for her to go on and off the breast and catch her breast.

    My dd3 is the same has picked up every bug under the sun (thanks big sisters at school/day car for the pressies). I keep thinking well the bf antibodies are stopping her getting really sick/hospitalised as they must be doing some good to you it's so har'd when you can only do so much

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    It's what comes with older siblings Rest assured your antibodies are doing their work. I hope her nose clears up again soon and bring on the end of the cold & flu season!
    Have you also used one of those sucker things?

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    Mar 2010

    As long as she is feeding she is ok, even if they are small very frequent feeds. If she stops being interested, becomes tired, or latches on but can't suck, take her to your local ED.

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    No advice on the feeding lulu but I have had the exact same thoughts recently for my eight month old! Exclusive bf and has had gastro, allergic reaction to something, viral infection, sore throat and a runny nose nearly every week! I just keep thinking - geeze how sick would be be getting if he wasn't breast fed!! Lol

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    thanks ladies. Good to know I'm doing everything I can - I think! Would be nice to have a magic cure. She's had a bit of a better day with lots of sleeping on me so hopefully sleep will breed sleep and she can fight it off a bit more easily.

    Must remember the next time someone starts a thread asking thoughts on the ideal age gap for siblings that life is pretty hellish for winter babies with older siblings at school/kindy!

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    Oh no, you poor things. It's not fair

    Our new little guy has had a blocked up nose for the past week & it's horrible. I know you're doing steam but the only other thing I can think of is a shower with her? I have always found the steam from the shower is way better than a vaporiser. I know the effects won't last for long but it might be worth a shot?

    Big hugs

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    Apart from a Vaporiser in the room I can't suggest anything else, I hope she gets better soon!! Nothing worse than sick bubs

    Sent from the land of "iSomethings" so forgive me for any spelking misstaks

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    I have always found the steam from the shower is way better than a vaporiser.
    Agree with this completely. We've been giving her lots of showers - she and Miss E (on her millionth round of cold too) have had 3 today. We have a double shower which is great because she can be under one at a warm temperature in her bath chair while I can be under the other at a much hotter temp, and with a glass shower screen the steam is great.

    I hope your little man is better soon too. Horrible when any of them are sick but when they're so tiny its extra bad

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    If she is really struggling perhaps get a GPs advice on what to do. I know a little baby (less than a month old) who got a cold and they ended up taking him to hospital and basically 'sucking' the goo out because it was past the point where he could deal with it himself, and of course it make him not able to sleep and feed well so it was kind of a downward spiral of sickness/tiredness/not enough milk/not enough energy to fight the bug. But if she's got some more sleep today you might have turned the corner on it *fingers crossed*.
    The only other thing I can think of was when DD2 had a cold I was trying to shake before surgery was her GP suggested lots of floor play with rolling around and movement to help move the mucus along. She is obviously a lot younger and not really at the rolling around stage but getting her moving on the floor with your help might move things along.