thread: I Think I'm Getting a Blocked Duct

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    Nov 2009
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    Unhappy I Think I'm Getting a Blocked Duct

    Quick background - Bub is 3weeks old today, day 3 was bad as my milk come in hard and fast, waking up with rock hard boobs that a blind man would have seen they were that shiny and I couldn't touch them or move my arms without being in pain. Bub struggled to feed for 2days as a result. Worked with lactation consultants at the hospital for 3days and got my boobs to a comfortable point where I could feed etc and they were happy to discharge me.
    Yesterday bub decides to cluster feed all day but only for about 10-15mins at a time, and was really fussy all night as well. Right boob became quite full so was feeding from that side to reduce fullness, but still feeding from left side to ensure it didn't become too full as well.
    Now this afternoon, after bub has had a couple of good feeds on both sides, my left boob is killing me!! It is sooo painful up near the armpit, is rock hard and there is a noticeable bulge there I can't touch it without increasing the pain as it is painful all the time - it is a sharp stabbing pain but quite constant.
    Is this a blocked duct? If so, any suggestions on how to massage it without being too painful, as I have tried and the pain increases dramatically... I will continue to try and feed bub, but he's quite content to sleep at the moment and wants nothing to do with mummy's boobies

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    sounds like you have a bocked duct or possibly mastitis. How do you feel - apart from the throbbing breast?

    You need to move some of that milk. As you have identified, your baby would do the best job of this. But if he is full and won't wake up for a feed, express some milk. It may be helpful to have a hot shower or use a hot compress before a feed. After you feed or express put an idepack on the affected area - even if you have to sacrifice a packet of peas. Some neurofen will help reduce the inflammation, or take some panadol for pain relief. If you wake up in the morning and things are worse, and have proceeded to flu like symptoms get along to the doctor. He will give you some antibiotics and the situation will clear in about 12 hours. It's unpleasant and painful, but you will get over it fine.

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    Nov 2009
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    Thank you for your quick response Barb. I have felt a little off today but put it down to not sleeping very well as he was waking every hour but fussing when it came to taking the breast - last night was the longest night yet as he generally feeds 4hourly.
    I'm use to the cold compresses as I was iced in hospital every couple of hours to help reduce the engorgement.

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    belle- i used to massage my breast with an electric toothbrush in the shower to help move the milk when it got sore.
    hope you're feeling ok

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    How are you going Hun? Oh i so remember how painful it is. i hope you can find some relief from the suggestions the other girls have said.
    Also even just if you can resting when bub does and taking you bra of and clothing from you top half and laying down with washers or something to help with the engorgement i remember thats what i did xoxo take care hun

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    Nov 2009
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    Thanks girls - I'm close to tears it is that painful.
    Ginger - I've heard of the electric toothbrush helping
    BC - I've ditched the bra and I tend to only wear one at the moment if I'm going out because it is uncomfortable (plus I'm struggling to find a maternity bra in my size without costing the earth!). Slept with no shirt on last night cos I was leaking that much because he was being soo fussy! Feel like [email protected] but I don't know if it's lack of sleep at the moment and pain or what.
    I've managed to get bub to feed off it in an upright football hold but it hurt like no tomorrow everytime he sucked... it was like that was the duct he was drawing the milk from. But he did get a big mouthful at one point and come off near choking poor bubba. However he was still fussing about with the nipple to start with. Grr it's frustrating after all the effort to get out of hospital

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    Hun, it sounds like it could be mastitis. It would be a good idea to be checked by a doctor tomorrow if you can. In the meantime, if you haven't already, a one-time full express until you are really comfortable in both breasts might help. This is a difficult time hun, but it does pass quickly

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    Poor chickadee! I found a warm shower best to express in when i had a blocked duct (and your tears just wash away).

    hope it clears up soon.


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    Nov 2009
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    Well Parker came to the party on Saturday night and feed every 2-3hours, taking both sides with every feed. Woke up in the morning and my breast was 95% better. Few more feeds and we were all good
    Thanks for the support everyone xx