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Thread: Normal at 19-20 weeks?

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    ? have to consult the road map on my stomach...

    Default Normal at 19-20 weeks?

    DS2 has started feeding almost constantly during the day... he has had some reflux issues but because of his weight gain and general happy nature our gp doesn't want to medicate at this stage... is it normal for him to be constantly feeding about now or could I have a supply issue starting? I fed DS1 for 12 months with no issues other than 3 bouts of mastitis and over supply in the early days, but by this stage we were going fine and I don't remember the constant feeding... when he's not on the boob DS2 has his fists in his mouth and makes noises which til now have meant 'gi me food!'

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    He's probably having a growth spurt! Don't doubt yourself, your boobies have had plenty of practice now and they know exactly what to do. He might feed constantly for a bit in order to increase your supply and then go back to normal. You will probably have many more stages like this in the future, it's all normal and good! Well done on BFing!

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    No, it's not supply.
    It's probably just a fussy/developmental stage of some sort. He's seeking comfort from you the best way he knows how.

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    Week 19 is a wonder week!! xxxx

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