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Thread: Not so many wet nappies yesterday.....

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    Default Not so many wet nappies yesterday.....

    As the title suggests, missy didn't have a huge amount of wet nappies yesterday. I changed her nappy 8 times and although they were wet, they weren't as heavy as usual.
    She had her immunisations on monday - I'm not sure if there is a link or if I am just looking for things. But she hasn't been the usual hungry little hippo that she usually is either.

    She's also not had a good poo for a week now. Poor little cherub is farting like a crazy woman though, and straining loads.

    Not sure if I should be worried about the nappy thing though? Shall I just see how she is today?

    Sue x

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    Hun, that sounds fine to me. The signs that your baby is getting enough milk include at least 5 heavily wet disposable nappies in 24 hours. I am sure that 8 wet nappies over all is plenty. Heavily wet doesn't mean the chock full ones you get overnight. Also after 3 months or so, pooing less frequently is perfectly fine. It is only a concern if the poos are hard when they come, soft or runny is what you want (it really is even it is messy ).

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    Thanks MR, i am glad to hear that sounds ok. We have some days where she is not so hungry in the mornings and then feeds like a wee trooper in the afternoon/evening and I just forget that sometimes and worry that she's not getting enough.

    Worry worry worry!
    Sue x

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