thread: Reaching for a bottle . . .

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    Reaching for a bottle . . .

    This is just getting so hard. Now on top of our attachment issues A has a cold so she is really struggling to suck without being able to breath. She is constantly on and off - quite fiercely at the start of a feed - and my nipples are shredded. I've tried a shield and she hates it. She's not getting enough on the breast because she's getting distressed. Is it going to cause big problems if I put her on ebm for a day or two until she can breath again, or do I need to just curl my toes and deal with it?

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    Poor little thing, little bubs shouldn't have to deal with colds my dd3 is dealing with it now. Don't know the answer to your question but if you're nipples are really painful it might be worth trying EBM but maybe not every feed? Or spoon feeding? Have you tried different positions I found more upright helps when they have colds, and fess nasal drops or breast milk up the nose before a feed can help

    Fussing at the breast can be so painful, my DH doesn't understand why I get upset when dd3 fusses and I've tried to explain how painful it can be

    Sorry probably wasn't much help, hope she gets better soon xx

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    I struggled to get dd1 back on after resting my boobs but i did get her back on. If its that or ff id at least try it for a day or 2. Rest your nipplles & let her get over the cold then try again. Fwiw i have rested lefty for 4 days & not a single bit if repair has occured so ut could take some rime if they are really damaged. Goodluck hun i hope u get thru it

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    my little man was on EBM occasionally from about 2 weeks old and i have never had a problem with him taking bottle or breast. have you tried maybe sitting in your bathroom with the shower on hot to let the room steam up and feed in there (with a chair might help lol) i know people recommend the steam to let them clear their nose - so maybe feeding in their at the same time might help her breathe a bit better?

    (as you can tell from my ticker - its all new to me so please disregard my advice if you want! )

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    I think the problem with ebm at such a young age also is the fact it could interfere with your supply, so just keep that in mind as well

    You're doing a great job!

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    I had attachment issues with DD1 and DD2. Long story short - DD2 was on bottles full-time pretty much from Week 2 to Week 9. I found she attached no problem at Week 9 when her mouth was a bit bigger and she took to the nipple again no problems. Had to relactate because I had no supply and I used a supply line.

    Obviously every baby is different - that's just my experience.

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    No, not necessarily.
    Have you been on to the ABA & the LC for more help?
    Sorry you're still having troubles

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    I don't know what you've tried already but like someone else said fess baby drops are helpful (tho they hate them!)
    -Feeding with baby upright is brilliant when has a cold especially sore throat.
    -Also are you using lansinoh at all? It really can work wonders!
    -If supply is bothering her try breast compression during feeds or even expressing until getting a let down. (& even 10-15mins after feeds if u can find time to get another let down).
    -can try feeding bub in a dark quiet place when sleepy/asleep.
    As u can probably tell I've got some experience with fussy babies & supply! HTH a little... The hardest thing is just relax as much as possible u will get through it

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    Sorry to hear that you're having a tough time.
    I just tried Sinoclear drops to help clear DD's snuffly nose. I found them in the supermarket and they seemed to help.

    I remember combindation feeding DS1 because he was a reflux baby and didn't stay on for feeds before screaming blue murder. There was this special teat that I bought from the breastfeeding clinic that I attended where you can alter the flow of the EBM or Formula so that they don't get an 'easy bottle feed' and then kick up a stink when back on the boob and having to work for a let down. It was a longer teat and had three marks on it and depending on which mark was lined up with the middle of their lip, they either got a fast, medium or slow release. There was a bit of a trick, learning to use it, but the bottled milk wasn't thrown down his gob, like most conventional teats
    Not sure what services are available in Perth - could be worth calling your hospital re: the nearest breastfeeding clinic, which should hopefully bulk bill for a day visit (?)

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    Just remembered that if u are wanting to try a different bottle medela has a fairly new bottle put (think its called calm something???) Which is totally different to normal bottles. Baby has to make a vacuum before milk comes out similar to bf... It does cost around $30 for 1 bottle though!

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    Oh darling Lu... You are having such a hard time with miss A. You must be really getting a bit over it it's been one thing after another hey?

    You are doing a great job. No, it won't hurt if you express for a while and rest your poor sore boobies. I seem to remember the LC didn't think she had tongue tie and once she gets a bit bigger she will have a better attachment etc, is that right?

    Many mums find that they can express full time and keep bubs on exclusive EBM. It's very possible. You just need to remember to express whenever A would normally have a feed or even more if you can manage it - the pump is nowhere near as efficient as a baby (maybe not quite A yet but she will get there) so you might need to pump more often than feeds.

    Have you looked on the ABA website? They also make a booklet about expressing that could be really helpful for you.

    Once your boobies are feeling a little better and A is a little bigger, you can get her back onto the breast.

    Again - you are doing a great job. Hang in there.